Who is this hunky model?

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Please tell me the name of the gorgeous hunk in the white shirt appearing in recent videos? He's appeared alongside Doug Acre and Trenton Ducati... I'm dying to know his name and where else I can see him!


  • IMG_0468

    This is the guy I'm talking about. Super cute, great body, verbal, and SEXY. It's a shame we don't see more of him. Can we get him to be a featured performer? PLEASE? :)
  • This is Eli Hunter. I've worked with him several times now. He has worked for many studios and should be easy to find with google.
  • Thanks Tatum! I've been really enjoying your work as well by the way. You and Trenton Ducati are my favorite models.
  • Thank you!! It really means a lot to get positive feedback when you put yourself out there like we all do.
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