Van - I enjoy the interviews on this site, but I am always wondering the models thoughts on their sessions with you being filmed. Is it a thrill and turn on for them? What do they think of their families or friends possibly seeing the videos? For me, personally, I think it would be fun to have a session with you (but a MILD session!), but I would NEVER want it videoed. Maybe in a future interview you can ask some of the models this. Thanks.


  • Imnaked, I can't speak for all the models, but my whole family and all my friends are aware of what I do. It was easier for me to tell my family and friends than to have them find out about it while searching porn... I am also curious about the thoughts of the others.

  • I'm proud of what I do. All my friends know about it. If they get upset by it then they aren't good friends anyway. Now my family, thats another story.... IDK if they know. They stopped asking questions about my trips about a year ago now...
  • good question!
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