can i add my boytoy to my show and how ?

can i add my boytoy to the show and if so how ?


  • beyondbeauty69 i was wondering the same thing! Solos is awesome but a partner would be so much more fun! ;)
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    plenty of 'multi-partner' shows in fact are becoming more popular everyday.....
    to my knowledge for what its worth....
    other cam models from KINK have stated that the 'partner(s)' must be registered with 'screen' name they will use with KL...
    'registered' is the unknown
    there is 'Tech Talk/Talk Tech' broadcast every Wed at 1pm (PDT/PST) time with the
    KL Kink-'Live'-Help Team -since they have aborted/stopped/ended shows when the 'other 'un-registered' person(s)' appear on cam... the 'Tech' show is for Models and all users who participate in/with KL Daily broadcasts.... since they(Kink-Tech-PA-Mods) apparently have knowledge what is 'required' and can make the decision 'in progress'.......they may be able to give advice/advise on all your concerns as a Model(s) for them- in this 'Tech-Broadcast'.

    and/or there's always

    hope this helps (if u have not already discovered or resolved ur issues....)


    FYI- to anyone reading this -the 'Tech' show is ONLY for KL Daily "Broadcasts" issues NOT General KINK Tech issues...... if anyone is wondering... but all can watch u never know what may be of use.....u certainly r encouraged and welcome(NPI) to participate...
    dont expect group/pvt or play sessions... flirting is tolerated in 'limited' capacity when 'common sense' prevails.... every girl appreciates compliments....kink-on....
  • Thanks so much Gatormanx Once again your knowledge has helped out! I definitely will try to hit up that session I am on the WC so afternoon is easy to attend. I kinda had a feeling my guy would have to apply and he is down with that! Thanks again! :-h Dar
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    btw Dar and anyone interested here is Kink Link to Talk-Tech-Talk show if u dont have it
  • Hi im italian h are you
  • btw Dar and anyone interested here is Kink Link to Talk-Tech-Talk show if u dont have it
    Thanks for link..image )

  • Thanks again! ;)
  • u r most welcome -hope it helped and/or helps

    keep on kinkin' on
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  • I used to be a regular user of a Montreal based cam sight we used to get the girls to run to each outers rooms and kiss each other however once they found out that they could not get paid. unless they registered as a two girl show that practice stopped I'm guessing that if you do want to add a partner you need to have a separate show account for him and you as apposed to just you easy to change between accounts . just log out of your solo account and log into your group show account . Whenever we wanted two girls to kiss after that they had to log into a duo show account.
  • Kimberly556 is correct, anybody camming on KinkLive must go through the same model application process. Once they're approved, you are free to do shows together by clicking "Add a guest star" when you do your show setup.
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