Slave Auction

James here something for you to think about. Have several model go thur the training at the same time and on the fourth day have them auction off.


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    interesting i like it, esp multi-trainee intake
    however, as kimberly replies and in addition -to whom would they go
    how does it help Peters HOUSE and the loosely based concept that KINK
    has based on the Story-of-O and similar Literature. Why would/did KINK decide to go that way for starters would be needed (imo)

    broaden(npi) ur scope write a story-line post in "Stories' Forum
    KINK is always looking for good story-lines -kinky play writers-screen writers--etc..
    never hurts(npi) to include M/models u'd be interested in seeing perform
    and of course if they're willing to portray such a scenario-

    not saying it cant be done - just need to elaborate on the whats -whos -whys -hows
    whens -wherefores -......etc.....

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  • I like where Pac man is going. Simply make the finale something like a general auction to visitors to the upper floor or an adult star playing the buyer via a broadcast internet auction. The last episode features their "arrival" and new life with their owner. It's similar to the premise of graduating to the upper floor.
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  • Excellent idea! This would show us what might be happening in the human trafficking business. These women would make excellent prostitutes for clients with unusual tastes. By the time the bidding was over they would sell for well above market value!
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