I never got to do Training of O

Hi all! My name is Alice Frost and I have shot numerous times for Kink but I have never done Training of O. Training of O would be a dream or shall I say fantasy come true! I have huge DDD tits now to go along with my 40in booty! I'm back to full time modeling and would love to come stay at the castle!



  • Frosting on the kinky cake of pain & 'pleazur'...... what a beautifully dazzingly pic of such an absolute 'sexquisitely' kinky doll.....

    Thnx for your Post....
  • Yes! Yes please! Can we please see this hourglass shaped blonde be groomed sadistically?
  • mmmm groomed sadistically.... something just got wet!
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    ohhhh yes ....tits on good slaves luv the sweet caress of nipple jewelry and the biting kiss they endearingly bestow.....now thats kinky beautiful....gbz000

    maybe soon for u Alice......
  • We hope Kink can make it happen!!
  • Miss Alice...you would be GREAT on TTOO!
  • She looks absolutely stunning x
  • Hi Alice Frost. You look gorgeous....would like to see you appear in Training of O. But it must be a 5 day training.....lots of training in it. Like.....outdoors....something with water...you will sleep in a bench, wich is normally for dogs. We should see you completly naked ofcourse and we must how you will be fed.... So very rough sex and humiliation.....maybe they can take you up to The Upperfloor or even do a Public Disgrace shoot with you. If you appear on TTO and have a extremely hard training i will join TTO as a member. Hope Kink will give you a job/training....a training you deserve. Kind regards from Europe.
  • She should be put in the position bobbi Starr was in day 2 and see how long she can hold on for.
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