Best Dom in all of Lezdom?

Hi I'm new to this website and I'm curious if everybody agrees on a few girls who are the best doms in lezdom. I've noticed that a lot of them seem kind of fake and not really good at what they're doing. Anyways, are there any big favorites around here? Who do you all think is the best dom in all of lezdom?


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    presuming what u mean by '...lezdom...' is F/f as illustrated in Whipped Ass KINK Site of which this is the Forum for and u selected to post ur question/request in. That suggests u must be familiar with the Director. Also, im including ones that also do FemDom over non females as well, not exclusively F/f. So the requirement would be A Female Domme over a femsub regardless if they perform in other categories/scenarios/plots/scenes etc.. that would be the match u r looking for.

    question: are u looking to know or trying to guage via poll who may (presuming as u state "....seem kind of fake...") agree with u?
    that's where this could become a 'sticky' issue as we dont want to insinuate any negativity towards any Models- i believe u understand where i'm coming from.
    i would refrain from stating who u believe is 'fake' and remain positive...
    In other words,(for this very sensitive issue or any like it) it would NOT be wise to state who u believe/think is 'not good'.
    Models do read these Forums and/or
    are aware of what is being 'said' in them, about them.
    If they desire our opinion specifically about themselves they'll let u know.... leave it there.

    That being established here are some suggestions(by no means an exhaustive list...)

    Most here would prolly agree w/o doubt the DOMMES that are/have-been @ KINK that who are excellent and unequivocal in what they do, would have to include these 2:

    1.Maitresse Madeline - Director of Whipped Ass the site u have posted ur Thread in
    Note: she is also Director of multiple sites @ not all F/f
    2. Princess Donna Dolore - Director of various FemDomme sites @ KINK

    now the rest, who r no less talented than either of the TOP two
    and in no particular Order, are:

    3. Aiden Starr
    4. Mz Berlin
    5. Lorelei Lee -a Director also
    6. Isis Love
    7. Bobbi Starr
    8. Claire Adams (no longer w/ Kink)
    9. Felony
    10. Soma Snakeoil (Goddess Soma)
    11. Sinn Sage
    12. Sophie Monroe (no longer w/ Kink)
    just to name a few.....

    So As a Male (voyeur w/ Dom tendency) these would qualify in that Category to me
    also the chemistry between the sub and DOMME can make a world of difference in the presentation and what may or may not affect the outcome of the shoots desired goals. Thus reflecting on participants quality whether they (Domme in this/ur scenario) are 'good' or not....

    im sure there are others that other Forum members will provide

    but these (imho) s/b included in the list - (from Male pov)

    Of course from the F/female POV there could be(prolly will be) diff/varying opinions-so best let them give u their suggestions themselves.
    Also too it would be interesting to read/hear what a DOM pov would be

    Another question mfkvopli, what do u consider urself to be ?

    Disclaimer: again any name absent from the list does not constitute that they are 'fake'...

    A good guideline - 'rule of thumb' to follow(for this and/or any Forum) would be -
    "...If you would not say it to the model's or director's face, do not write it. ..."

    For those reading this and not familiar w/ the Models listed an attempt will be made later, showing who they are and all the productions they've done that have been posted by KINK and made available for public viewing.

    ....Enjoy .....Have Fun ......Play Safe .....Kink-On
  • Isis, Princess Donna, Miss Lorelei and no specific order...
  • @gatormanx With the term lezdom I am referring to a female dominating another female. You did answer my question quite well though. Essentially what I'm looking for is who people consider to be good doms in a female dominating a female situation. For example many people would agree that Lisa Ann is a good pornstar in general, I'm looking for somebody who's good at what they do but in the female dominating a female situation. I'll definitely check out your suggestions ans well as hotblondenurse's, especially since some of them over lap. Also, since you ask, I'm a dom male. I think being a dom comes more naturally to a male and I've found it difficult to find some truly inspired performances coming from the female dominating a female section, so that's why I ask. I'm most interested right now in finding the best of what female dominating a female has to offer, and I think the dom side is what tends to be lacking more than the sub side so that's what I'm looking for.
  • Watch the way Isis and Princess donna treat their female subs!!!!!!
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    if u have not already found here @ KINK their Info
    Here r their KINK Model Profiles:

    Maitresse Madeline
    Princess Donna Dolore
    Isis Love
    Lorelei Lee

    more to cummmmmmm later
    lets see what everyone else has

  • Probably Donna simply because she's much more willing to treat subs like dirt than most of Kink's other dommes.

  • You are right sir...she can be a cruel one! Multi-talented too because she is also one of the best subs on the site too!
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  • my favourites are Isis Love, Cherry Torn, and Chanel Preston
  • Maitresse Madeline, Aiden Starr and Princess Donna Dolore are my favourites, in no particular order, all three are fantastic.
  • Good selection of dominatrices everyone...! :-)
  • Let's not forget the magnificent Miss Lorelei Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Or Bobbi Starr little sister....!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  • Ive never really watched her as a domme brother...
  • Believe me she is one of the top five in many submissive men's opinion..! :-)
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  • "Treating subs like dirt" may not be the same as being simply cruel and abusive.
    I'm talking about genuinely humiliating her subs, objectifying them.

    Calling Gia DiMarco a 'pair of tits on a stick', burying Nadia Styles up to her neck in sand. I forget who it was but she said of one model 'she has a name but why use it?'

    Before she launched Public Disgrace (which is a good example of what I mean all on its own), she used a lot of the same ideas on Wired Pussy.

    Compared to some of the stuff WP used to do, WA these days feels like it's little girls playing tie-up games for fun.
  • Sir, I tend to agree with you...the older shoots seem better but Princess Donna still knows how to work her magic on HCGBs!!!!
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  • For anyone interested, I just posted some pics of Princess Donna abusing Lyla Storm n the Virgin Ass thread...
  • Nice and interesting pictures by the way little sister...!!! Thank you so much..!!! :-* :-* :-*
  • Isis love hands down
  • All the doms kick ass but Isis love is the best plus kink is the best porn site hands down love it
  • Isis, MM and Aiden Starr!
  • Aiden Starr is too tiny, small so i cannot think her as dom...
    isis love is always best dom for me..

    2. Princess donna dolare
    3. Claire Adams
    4. Bobbi Starr
    5. Amber Rayne ( sometimes as dom )
    6. Sandra Romain
    7. Maitress Madeline ( need to use more strapon and feet )
  • Maitresse Madeline and Mona Wales!
  • 1/ Princess donna
    2/ isis love
    3/ Syd
  • 1-isis love
    2-bobbi starr
  • MM and Aiden!!
  • 1) Aiden Starr
    2) Isis love
    3) Simone Sonay
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