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I know strap on endings are a must, but could it be possible just to have a facesitting in round 4 only, where winner dominates loser with facesitting....(adding in good camera angles, and close up of the winners face). Im sure im not the only fan who remembers the old days, even during competitive matches, especially when the loser hated it! If there was more of a balance of round 4 facesitting only and round 4 strap on only, i believe it would be a great addition.


  • I think you answered your own question in the first sentence. As you say, "Strap on endings are a must", so that essentially requires some strap on usage in Rd 4. However, face sitting is a regular element of most U.S. Rd 4 shoots because Ariel has to pander to an extremely diverse audience. I'm afraid that dedicating an entire Rd 4 to face sitting only would be something you will only find in a custom shoot. That doesn't necessarily mean, however, that face sitting couldn't be a more dominant element of the occasional Rd 4. Ariel has been very good about accommodating audience requests whenever she can. Send her a note.
  • I see what you mean, but i think that there is a big facesitting audience that wouldnt mind going a little old school
  • Isn't it also referred to as "smothering"?
  • Actually they are two different things. Smothering relates to breath hold domination while face sitting relates more to the dominant taking pleasure from her submissive. What makes this position so unique is the possibility for power exchange when the dominant becomes the submissive at the point of climax.
  • Please no one sided rounds 4!! No facesitting only and no strapon only. I am negatively surprised again and again about members who post such onesided proposals. Many members complain about boring rounds 4 and now "notmyown101" wants to see facesitting only which would make rounds 4 even more boring. Just unbelievable.
  • Since all prefer a different position or sex practice, showing 3 or 4 in a video is best IMO.
  • Oh yes, believe it Philo. There are indeed people out there who want what they want AND they want it NOW! AND they are not the least bit afraid to say so repeatedly.... over and over again... Hhhmmmm.... I think there is a name for people like that. What could that be? Help me out here @KenFX.
  • I've been trying VERY hard not to offend any Kink members recently.
    But if you scroll through the forum thread requests, you'll see several types.
  • I will say briefly and basically. The more varied and richer will be the Rd4, the it will be interesting to watch.
  • Amen to that @KenFx. I am constantly amazed that at a site like Kink that is dedicated to exploring the rich diversity of the human sexual experience, that we have so many members who seem to be regularly offended by the expressed views of others in the forums who are merely expressing their appreciation of or desire for their own particular fetishes or scenes. It seems as if those who are offended are incapable of accepting any alternative views of the world without those views somehow undermining the validity of their own views and opinions. For a group that should be supporting the diversity of human sexuality, some members are still occasionally as intolerant as the rest of human culture.
  • What really gets me?
    Those screaming for other's tolerance and inclusiveness are very often intolerant themselves to viewpoints unlike their own.

  • Bingo. Me too. I used to think that it was our current politically correct, reality detached, multi-culturally destroyed, nanny state that was causing us to become a society of entitlement driven children without any concept of personal responsibility who simply "want what they want" and "want it now!". I've come to realize though that it more the lack of self confidence and faith in one's own beliefs that causes the deep insecurity that drives this behavior. The cultural and social diversity that we have chosen to pursue as a society has brought us many rewards, but has also become a threat to those individuals who are either emotionally or psychologically unprepared to cope with the inherent conflicts that such diversity necessarily creates.
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    Yes, diversity does bring benefits.
  • Many of them are intolerant of others views on things and that's unfortunate but that's the way it is here now...gorgon says it well. Probably best to stick to the sexual...that generates enough discussion!
  • So... getting back to the original discussion topic.... how about face sitting? Should this be an integral part of any Rd 4 activity for U.S. or merely up to the wrestlers discretion?
    Why do we enjoy viewing "facesitting" as opposed to "pussy licking"?
  • It may be disrespectful to the loser, but who wants to watch ten minutes of face sitting?
  • I'm not sure that "disrespectful" is the right word here. Perhaps humiliating would be a better choice of phrase. Is it "humiliation" that some members want to see more of in Rd 4, or is it mere domination of the loser?
  • I want to see good sex!
  • Of course, but "good" is a relative term for our diverse membership. I'm interested in what types of sex members find to be "good". Humiliation is a recurring request in the forums and apparently amongst the performers also. I was curious as to how big an element it represented in the spectrum of BDSM play for the U.S. audience.
  • I'm not into humiliation that much. I like the S&S site.
  • I tend to agree. Humiliation as a form of punishment is counter-productive and only serves to diminish the individual. My goal is always to find a means to elevate the individual and instill "value" in them. While I understand the appeal of some of the Kink sites that indulge in humiliation or other demeaning acts, I'm generally opposed to glorification of that type of behavior.
  • I mean "some" humiliation is fine. But keep it reasonable.
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