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  • Could you post some instructions on how we can post pictures on here like we could on the old forum?
  • please post future schedule of live shows on upper floor!
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    Like this! They're on it. You can use the blue 'landscape' picture next to your avatar when commenting or posting new discussions
  • The dumb blue thing never works for me!!
  • You may need to clear your browser cache before the blue thing will work. ;;)
  • got it working today and posted my pics!!!

  • i think needs some way better search options. if i could offer a general template to get ideas from, i would suggest pornhub's style of search engine :). also having an option to switch between a full detailed list of the girls names on the kink models (in alphabetical lol) instead of only a randomized gallery view would make finding your personal favorite star aloooot faster. nothing worse than having to sift through dozens of pictures trying to find that perfect video when a full name list would load alot faster. (also btw, when trying to advance filter the models on, i tried to click on the selection box and pressed enter with the search empty, every girl still shows up regardless. just so someone knows lol) or maybe just being able to use keywords to search a video make it alot easier and faster. but even if none of this got done, id just be happy with someone adding a category for big ass and double penetration on lol.
  • also like multiple keywords for further filtering would be really cool, like clicking big ass, and then adding big tits to it so only videos with those keywords pop up
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  • dont wanna sound like a dick though lol just suggestions. i love lol. keep up the good work peoples! lol
  • also lol, being able to have moving .gifs for profile pictures would be sweet :)>-
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    ^^^ keywords could be added by users :) like voting/rating. at first there would be none but eventually they would all have a couple keywords. then you could sort the most popular keywords
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    ^ i guess thats true there is the possibilty of some human troll error lol but unlikely considering all the users here are paid subscribers. why would you anyone wanna break something they paid for. but k then how about before it can become a keyword/tag it would need to be added by 5 separate users or something, then it would be approved by a admin/mod. im pretty sure uses a very similar style of keyword adding. not to steal ideas or anything but they are the biggest porn site in the world right now so they must be doing something right lol
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  • yeah pornhub has a list of tags you can suggest to a video if it gets enough votes it gets added. it'll be slow to start but accumulative eventually it could be very efficient lol
  • also i just noticed a small detail lol, in the comment bar when you type a long enough sentence the smiley emoticon tab overlaps your text and gets in the way
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  • No females on TS Seduction. If I want to see a female with a transsexual woman then I would join TS Pussy Hunters.
  • Why the distinct lack of heterosexual, boring, "reality based" sex. I knew Bay Area was full of "alt. lifestyle" but wouldn't a live/lingerie/all the stuff people do in pseudo-real life drive a wedge right into the S.Calif. fakesters' product?
  • noticed you guys fixed the emoticon thing, that's awesome! lol so cool
  • please add a big ass category!
  • About the tags thing - It would help with a long standing problem with the filters on Kink's sites.

    If a model dyes her hair, gets a boob job or just gets older she won't show up after the change.

    If, for example, a model does a shoot as a blonde and then dyes her hair, her model page will be updated to reflect her new hair colour and from then on filtering a site for blondes won't show any shoots she did while she was still a blonde.

    Or, in reverse, if a model has small breasts and gets them enhanced, filtering for shoots with bustier women will still show the shoots she did before the change.
  • I'm new here, but my suggestion is for a theme for an everythingbutt scene. I think it would be awesome to have an anal scene with two girls dressed as nuns. It could be a story scene where a nun catches another nun playing with herself and decides to teach her anal to cope with chastity. Also what gets me off alot, but I can never find, is to have a girl have duct tape put on her pussy to stop her touching it, while she's being fucked anally. For this nun scene I would like to see Chastity lynn with Cacey Calvert, but I really don't mind, I just want to see a lesbian nun anal scene
  • Video request : CFNM Peeing - Would love to see some videos of women entering mensroom and watching them pee, making comments about their size etc and them dominating them in the unique way. Thanks.
  • What would be your opinion on a few test shoots for a ultimate surrender match with shemales.

    If shemales win, shemales can dominate the female losing team with their own cocks
    If females win, the shemales are forced to have their cocks locked in a chastity while they get dominated by females with strapons
  • New site --> Mixed Wrestling
  • yeah mixed wrestling is great
  • i have done shows with her she is truly great !!
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