luxury goods

wow! it's all changed!

i have not been in the forums for a week or two, and there is a whole new system. i wonder if there's an archive of all the dirty discussions and filthy frolics we've had here over the last few years?

anyway, i decided it was time to say something i first said a couple of years ago, because it seems like it's still a problem.

Kink Live camgirls are a luxury product. they are here to please us, and by doing just that little ting, make money. it's a bonus that some of them will chat with people who never tip, or never have private or group shows.

so let's treat them well. if you're in a chat room with a girl, tip if you want her to do stuff for you. and be nice anyway!

and when the high rollers arrive, move over! be glad that you get to watch the girls, talk to them, get off on them. but don't expect them to take notice of what you do if you aren't polite to them, and don't tip them.

i hope that i amuse some of them when i drop in, and that they enjoy a chat. i know that i am not going to make them rich...


  • REALLY good comment Sir!
    BTW: Miss Brigata ( I think I have it right) is really really really hot and she knows how to treat slutty subs!
  • is that you, then, your hotblondenurseness? or do you just 'like to watch'?
  • Hi sir! Yes sir, she has had the opportunity to "punish" me a few times.
    She is sooooo good at it and is so beautiful. I have a trigger on the site that sends me an email when she's on live. Sometimes if no one is on the site and I'm bored, I let her play with me. But I'm NOT HBN there!!!
  • HBN - it sounds like you have altogether too many triggers!

    please don't call me 'Sir' - it makes me feel old! unless we can agree that i will address you as 'Mistress' or 'Goddess'?

    i'm just plain kinky, and reject the idea of a fixed role.

    if that's too serious, just call me flexible!
  • I am a sub and sir it will be ALWAYS be
    Chatty HBN
  • Mr. Freeborn, I heard a rumor that you like nice blondes wearing harness ball gags!
    Hmmm >:)
    Me TOO
  • well said freeborn2 about the tipping!! only on girl has actually paid me any mind on there though when i'm broke and that's Abusemy_holes she is so nice she makes it affordable (because she is willing to adjust her prices ) and then she just seem to enjoy it so much !! have you ever had a show with here ?
  • Hi sounds nice
  • what? :D
  • Thank you for the supportive post freeborn! It is always nice as a model to know that we are appreciated and not simply expected to give treats without tributes!

    Any model would be lucky to have you and your wisdom in their room and I hope they treat you well in return! <3 PixyV
  • Mr. Freeborn, I heard a rumor that you like nice blondes wearing harness ball gags!
    Hmmm >:)
    Me TOO
    i'm in love..image <3
  • Hi i do love blonds in harnes ball gags very nice love you all and the team well done keep it up =D> :-c :P
  • I'll see if I can find some more to post for you...(blondes with harness gags!)
  • thank you hotblondenurse would love all that love you all you do great shoots etc
  • a polite (or, for hotblondenurse, very impolite) thank you for comments. especially LittleSpunky. the unkind and the impolite have caused a lot of problems in live shows, and we need to be appreciative of all the girls (and boys) who put their bodies on the line for us. just because someone acts like a slut... no. just because someone is a slut for our pleasure is not the reason to be rude to them. you can call a lady a dirty whore respectfully. truly. but never, ever, make her feel like trash.
  • Mr. are 10000000% correct...the ladies here work HARD to entertain all of us and they are truly deserving of our respect and our good manners towards them!
  • Hi to you all here i am new here and do not no who"s who and is amodel and who not so Please Accept my sincer apolagies to all i have Offended i do appreciate allWoman her very much be they models or what evers etc :x :x =D> <:-P xxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox
  • edited June 2014
    The models here at usually post no pictures here in the threads Robbie! Just their fans are doing it! To stop talking with the pictures helps also to prevent missunderstandings maybe! Cheerio my friend...! :D
  • this always will be a problem it is the same problem that the rub and tug ladies at a massage parlor encounter when a client assumes that the room fee covers their services . Pornography in general presents a fantasy that you can get as much hot sex as you want without a single thing being asked of you . the fact that it is a free sign up does not help matters but I have yet to see a cam sight that charges any sort of fee for singing up new members actually kink live is the first one I have seen that asked for more than just an e mail

    another similar but related problem is their are lonely people who come here to try to form some sort of relationships with the models intellectually they realize that the model is their as an entertainer only and needs to be paid and they have as much chance as a snowball in hell of getting into any sort of real life relationship with them but emotionally they feel that the model might enter into some sort of relationship with them these people sometimes become dangerous when if for example they have spent all their rent and or food money on a particular cam model.

    unfortunately we can not change peoples thinking processes even if kink where to make people sign some sort of waver claiming that YOU UNDERSTAND THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT OLNY AND THAT THE CAM PREFORMERS NEED TO BE PAID people would sign it and still continue with falling in love with the models and begging them to flash their tits or whatever.

  • Well said sir...
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  • I think it refers the ladies on Kink live and people being rude to them...that's what it was originally at least...
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  • Does it cost a lot Miss K?
    I've dabbled on it checking out the ladies...especially since the one told me I should be on it...NFW there!
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  • Oh I think it's a little more than that now Miss K. the one I checked out wanted like, $6 a minute for private...
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  • I know, I don't get it myself...but that's why they call it luxury goods I guess!
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