New Type - Female Lesbian Glory Hole

Good Evening Dear Users and Production Team.

I got you guys an idea to work on since you are professionals in the field. I don't know if you are aware of this site: Basically they are like a brothel / bondage fetish which is very interesting and particular. I was wondering if you could perform something similar which includes strictly LESBIANS ONLY. This has NEVER BEEN DONE ELSEWHERE and it is a great opportunity to make something innovative. You got the right team and stuff to do it. Trust me I looked everywhere for lesbian brothels and glory holes but there simply aren't (apart of Chinese porn which are censored). I believe that if you deploy a setup like exposing 5-10 females with their pussy / assholes / tits accessible only, other girls lick their genitals and you move on from there. You can make history!

Looking forward for the idea proposed / lesbian gloryholes. I would be the first one to buy the scene!

What you guys think ?


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