Motorcycle Bessie

I propose a scenario with Bessie Stringfield.
"And today, the story of a woman who roared across America on her Harley. Bessie Stringfield was a black woman with a passion for riding at a time many people didn’t want to see a black woman on a motorcycle. She was often the only woman among men, like when she served as a motorcycle dispatcher in World War II."
“She was the motorcycle queen of Miami," says Nikita Stewart, the New York Times reporter who has written a new obituary for Stringfield, who died in 1993. "She was this incredible woman who, at a time when many women were at home or worked as domestics, she decided that she wanted to ride motorcycles. And she led motorcycle clubs and many times she was the only woman, and she just had a big impact on folks who would see her leading packs of men in parades.”
I propose a scenario in which Ms Stringfield is celebrating with the bikers in her cycle club after just such a parade. I further propose that Ana Foxxx portray Bessie. She has just starting doing gangbangs.

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