Scenes for a model in specific channel

Can you please add the ability to search a model in a specific channel ?

For example: I want to see all scenes of Ariel X in Everything Butt channel

Today it takes time and difficult to look for a scene for model in specific channel.



  • I agree. A more robust search functionality is needed.

  • It's time to "promote" my sloppy kink search helper. Go to:

    There you can browse through various categories and you can create way more complex searches. For all scenes of Ariel X in Everything Butt you have to go to Butt/model/Ariel X/

    And yes, the layout should be improved :)

  • Hey guys- Thank you for your feedback. We plan on releasing some improvements to our search feature later this year. Your suggestions are being passed along to our team for consideration. Thanks for being members! And thank you for taking the time to create that tool for everyone, narp!

  • Thank you narp, and looking forward to those search improvements by Kink, as website is currently lacking in that regard, which is a shame, considering the sheer volume of great content you already have, but can be hard to find exactly what you're looking for due to those search shortcomings.

  • I would also like to be able to search by ratings of scenes. For instance search EverythingButt videos from most rated videos first to last. Would be great.

  • also it could be searching for more than single model or for more than single channel
    1. Scenes for Ariel X and Francesca Le in Everything Butt channel
    2. Scenes for Ariel X or Francesca Le in Everything Butt channel
    3. Scenes for Ariel X or Francesca Le in Everything Butt and Whipped Ass channels

    Which means advanced/complex searching.


  • @ncdaddy123 Thats possible with my search site. I also added the rating to the search results. You can try Butt/?sort=rating&direction=desc
    Currenty doesn't show the ratings, so few ratings are missing.

    @mmahajna It's possible to filter for more than one model, but only for shoots where both or more models appear together. For instance: X/model/Francesca Le/site/Everything Butt/

  • @narp
    many many many thanks to you :smile:

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