Return of Dee Williams??

Hi JP -

Any chance to see Dee Williams back on FM? I would love to see her back and TIED UP!!

Please more bondage and more sybian on fucking machines. Cheers!


  • I agree, Id love to see more machines and some bondage scenes on FM. Also if they could do a 2 girl shoot and have two girls using the machines on each other would be great.

  • Don't think that's going to happen soon guys...sorry!

  • You don't think Dee Williams will return, or that we'll see bondage/sybian on FM? I'm pretty sure it's the former that we won't be seeing......sad face.

  • I don't see why DW wouldn't come back, esp since her main site, Sexually Broken, looks like it's in trouble.

  • edited April 10

    Today, that site has a banner that says: "Dear members, we will no longer be updating until further notice."
    That site is where her new screen name came from, Dee Williams.

  • that is too bad too!

  • I saw that coming.
    I don't think the BDSM market is strong.

  • Depends where you look!

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