No new Ultimate Surrender Match today??

As I checked the U.S. website, I see no new match for this week. What happened?


  • site aint updating anymore, 'seasonal updates' from now on. guess its finished

  • if this is seasonal updates - this is not good! AX could you show Kink and our members how classy you are and address the weekly 'match' thing vs seasonal updates...?! either here on the Forums page or to an on file, group email...

  • Screenshot_2018-03-08-2
    Updates will be periodic, rather than weekly.

  • AX - does that mean our fee US structure will change?

  • Screenshot_2018-03-09-2
    Follow Ariel on Twitter. There you will find answers to many questions.

  • Screenshot_2018-03-10
    Updates will not be until the summer.

  • That was a sad news. Will miss US. I liked veteran vs veteran matches more then one time only wrestlers that almost Always lose big against a veteran. Nice to see summer torunament again, i would like that is was more Girls in it. like 16 Girls wrestling for the prize. But sad to see we will only have sporadic matches with veterans vs new Girls. Its from US i mostly buy shoots from kink. So I feel a Little bid sad. best female wrestling site. Hope you can relaunch it in the future. To many of the good wrestling Girls have left the site so maybe its natural that the site cant continue to deliver high qualite matches.

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