The Status of Ultimate Surrender

Hello Kinksters!

Ultimate Surrender will continue to update seasonally. We will have a few more updates throughout the month of February and then future updates will be seasonal.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Thank you for being members!

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  • Wait what does seasonal mean?

  • Basically means a rapid decline and the eventual death of UltimateSurrender as a site.

  • Whenever someone uses the tiring phrase "reach out" you know that bullshit will soon follow. That annoying phrase was invented by a human resources department to make something sound more dramatic, in a positive way, than it actually is. Stay tuned for the drama to follow.

    My opinion - bring back the hardcore fucking in Round 4. The site has gotten too artsy and that is why there are membership problems.

  • I posted it already on another thread. Rounds 4 must become harder and rougher again. Loser has to suffer for her defeat and has to be left destroyed and humiliated on the mat in the end. Two of my favorite rounds 4 are Syd fucking Nina the pirate and fucking Vendetta and not to forget another two outstanding rds 4: Syd fucking the hell out of snooty Isis Love and humiliating and ass fucking Dia Zerva into a sweat glistening, whimpering and shivering loser! Or of course Mistress Kara fucking Izamar and her favorite opponent gorgeous "zero points" Cheyenne Jewel. No more idiotic tribbing and soft sex in rd 4! I appreciate ArielX for her efforts for U.S. and especially that she brought the sexy barefoot wrestling back. She is one of the best directors if not even the best! Kara fucks Cheyenne18

  • Good example of the genre Philostratus. Let me also include Tia Ling on the losing end (your should be cheering for someone to lose and have the shit fucked out of her). Hard anal doggie with requisite hair pulling and buttocks bouncing - that's how to bring romance back into the equation the day after Valentine's.

  • In order for the final rounds become harder and rougher again - need to go back to the original technique of Matt Williams.

  • Sorry Charna, the quality (roughness) of rds 4 has nothing to do with Matt Williams! Matt was a hypersensitive stubborn and impolite guy who didn't accept criticism or proposals of the members. I am happy that he left U. S. and years ago and that Ariel has become the new director. Ariel made the wrestling rounds sexier again when she thankfully let the girls wrestle barefoot again. Nevertheless I agree that the prize rounds should be sometimes more punishing and humiliating for the loser. But in the end I think it depends on the actresses what they do in the prize rounds.

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