The Status of The Training of O

Hello Lovely Kinky People,

The Training of O will not be updating. We do not have any scheduled updates for TTOO at this time, though we may produce new content in the future.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Thank you for your memberships with us here at!

Kink Customer Support


  • Thanks for being up front with that!

  • edited February 3

    What a shame, Hope they will produce more and this is not the end.

  • I think it may be awhile!!!

  • That's a real shame :'( The Training of O was my favourite Kink site by a VERY long way... I will have to consider whether I continue my membership

  • For me The Training of O was the reason because I start my membership by at 2009.

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

    PS.: Really, I had a lot of higlights with TTOO but now?

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