Mistress Kara is over...

I'd like to hope that she'll reconsider and we will see her again in the arena U/S.



  • Thanks Charna for this post.
    I also would love to see Kara back on U/S, especially assfucking and humiliating "zero points" Cheyenne JewelKara fucks Cheyenne s461
    Kara fucks Cheyenne18
    Kara and Cheyenne 8s379

  • I understand -- SF is the most beautiful and happening city in the US if not the world. Las Vegas is a plastic pit of yuk

  • Recently spoke with Ariel on Twitter. She said Kara will be back for the tournament. To what exactly - not specified. But the news itself is quite encouraging.

  • Screenshot_2018-03-08-1
    It seems that after a long absence, Kara decided to come back! Damn... It will be great!! Because without her U/S is boring.

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