TS cuckold for lesbian couple idea

edited January 11 in TS Pussy Hunters

right so i had this dream and i think it would be a very entertaining shoot so here it goes

2 girls in bed at night when one of them discusses that she isn't happy with the relationship she wants a bit "more" and thinks they should break up, other girl gets mad and ties her up and goes to the bar to pick up another girl.....a tsgirl

they come in do the usual cuckold stuff fucking above the face, ts force bj as the other girl fucks her, sitting on her face as the ts fucks her, chastity belt with vibe above like total cuckold.

the ending(obviously all above her face) have the ts put her panties in the girls pussy as she fucks her makes her cum then ts girl cums then let the panties drop onto her face fully cumfilled with the end scene being the cum panties in her mouth and cucked girl looking pissed off with the vibe still going on her pussy as the ts and girl leaves the room

edit: put the open mouth gag in cucked for the ending

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