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As a kid one my buddy's family was in the movie industry. They had a special effects company. In other words they provided the movie magic at times. Who knew model airplane building could really pan out. Who knew that video or the vcr did a whole lot of magic as a matter of fact all video was under the special effect category. Now I am 48 and remember when George Lucas created the blue screen (thought black then though) for things like stop motion photography. My over all point is that with the help sometimes of special effect we as the viewer are able to believe a little more the story being told. Now taste comes to mind, as in when you can make the audience see anything you want what ultimate prevision do you show that establishes new boundaries of kink...but also when you take it to the limit who do you find to be that spokes model face? The funny thing is with these type of effects you can truly fuck her with his dick and nobody would know the difference. So anyway girls how would you feel about being on film? It's a bit more raw, but you get the chance to always show who you are for you are then the only one up on the screen.


  • Dear EsquireXxX,
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    Really special effects would be great.
    I would wish more mirrow camara technique like: https://yourporn.sexy/post/59df1d824cc37.html?sk=sinful-xxx&so=0
    Thanks a lot.

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    Unfortunately most porn is shot on the cheap.
    Kink tried that with Matt Williams movies a few years ago, but they used two video camera men and shot from outside the house also.

  • Cheap can be good too, i am sure it just takes knowing the tricks. (Bet this is where taking film in college really pays off?) I remember my dad talking about in his day they would put Vaseline on the 35mm camera lens to make the picture appear foggy. What it was like to watch old TV Broadcast News with there always being something square shaped in the background. This was so they could superimpose the Super 8 on the 8mm format of film. This would change the whole profile perspective.

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