Are you satisfied enough?

This my question to all ultilmate surrender fans. Are really satisfied enough with the matches filmed recently?
For me, i appreciate all done efforts by kink team. But really I missed the old days and matches. I don't know if more people r sharing me the same feelings.
Before, it was very difficult to expect who will win and all options were opened. Also, wrestlers who were participating were very special. They were performing as real game not like now and if we compare the performance of models like dia zerva, ariel x, dragonlily, isis love, syd and bella rossi in round 4 with nowadays models & matches, I think there will be a very big difference. Lets talk about tag team matches for examples .. oh my god ... really i missed these old days .. no can forget how was the performance. Even the audiance for these matches were very lucky to attend it.


  • all i know is im glad they got rid of shoes on the mat terrible idea and terrible sounds with that

  • Sorry I do not agree with frenshfuckers opinion. I absolutely do not miss the (in my opinion) stupid tag team matches and I especially do not miss the disturbing undisciplined live audience. We should be thankful that Ariel X brought back the barefoot wrestling (the black shoes were a complete turn off; thankfully stubborn and hypersensitive Matt Williams left Kink). Forget Dragon Lily or Isis Love (Isis was an arrogant wrestlers and a bad loser). The only thing I propose: there should be more punishment, humiliation and rough fucking for the loser in rd 4. Latest rd 4 for example was hot, with Johnny having her way with gorgeous London River and assfucking London and making London suck her toes. The idiotic tribbing and soft sex should be banned from rds 4. The losers should be more often tied up and spanked before getting fucked!

  • I missed old days too... Recently matchup is too unbalanced match. And not competitive enough too. I don't want see dominating match all time...

    In old times Dragonlily, Isis, Syd, Ninja, Vendetta, Dia, Brix, Ariel, Darling fight each other competitive enough and so hard to expect what result!

    I don't like live event too, but i don't like recent fights more.... TOO SOFT...

  • That's why I'm not a member anymore. I cancelled my membership a while ago. I enjoy seeing upsets, as well as more competitive matches. The wrestling now is just too relaxed for the most part. I enjoyed seeing real good submission holds, where the pain is cranked up until she can't take it anymore. There's not that much of that anymore. There's way too much emphasis on fingering, and not enough on the wrestling part. Even Ariel mentioned that in a match, telling someone not to go for a submission, but to finger instead. I also find the coaching of wrestlers during wrestling can be very distracting. There was one match where the wrestler in the lead was about to get her opponent into a super hot hold, when Ariel told the one under how to get out. A lot of the older matches are quite intense and far better than what's been going on for the last few years. I appreciated the effort also, but it wasn't worth the money anymore. I'd consider getting a membership again if the wrestling part was taken more seriously. It's a shame because Ariel is absolutely one of the hottest, and best wrestlers ever to be on the site, some of my favourite matches are older ones with her kicking ass, but the direction the site is going isn't for the better content wise IMHO.

  • I TOO AM A BIT DISAPPOINTED IN SOME of the easy matches... However we are in the Rookie Cup season and this is what is available to Ariel as she puts together these 'different' types of battles for the short term. As a satisfied member of US I UNDERSTAND THAT THE LIKES OF THE FORMER COMBATANTS ARE NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE and so the site is in constant flux as it attempts to locate and develop the talent... i for one am in it for the long haul and will continue TO ENJOY the competition as it is presented...! thanks AX for your never ending search for talent and competitive matches...! mY gLASS IS 1/2 full..!

  • I agree with Tummer28, this site is not easy to run.
    Ariel X may also be getting some site content "suggestions" from Kink brass.

  • Not for the first time agree with Philostratus. Rd4 needs to be more hardcore and ruthless with losers, so those really have to experience for yourself what is to be punished and humiliated. All types of vanilla and other exceptions do not place in rd4. Only rough, tough and cynical fucking! About the predictability of the fights have already spoken in one of those. Here not all so unambiguously. Ariel is working in this direction and tries to find opponents worthy of each other. The problem is that most girls simply do not have sufficient experience of the struggle. So matches with their participation often do not justify hopes of gourmets and aesthetes. But I think that this should be treated with understanding, because to find a replacement for this personalities like Syd, Dia, Dragon is very difficult. With tag team matches at a separate conversation. Ariel in her Twitter mentioned that they stopped using demand and, therefore, were forced at some time to refuse.

  • totally agree it had been a while the level is not like old matches, on old days we see competitive wrestling and sex and the competitors them selves were hot specially when we see porn stars show skills and perform so well whenever they win or lose (Holly heart, penny barber ,allie haze,dana dearmond,sara jay,beretta james) and of course the golden days with Dragonlily, Isis, Syd, Ninja, Vendetta, Dia, Brix, Ariel, Darling, wenona, hollie stevens,cheyenne.

  • I just wish it had more strapon fucking and more les stuff at the end, maybe the could shorten the matches and extend the hotness at the end.

  • don't quite understand the constant complaining - Keeping in mind this is a 'kinky' wrestling site 1st - recruitment of willing wrestlers is 1st - with rd 4 shananigans cumming 2nd [the girls will only do what they will only do]... for the hard core types apparently there's many sites where all the hard core acts are played out... US [with AX managing the show] provides a certain, more complicated level of entertainment... for me accepting it for what it is has allowed me to appreciate the competitors and the entertainment value much more readily - enjoy!

  • A match is great when one of the girls has good BJJ skills and good fingering technique. Is it that hard to find some BJJ skilled girls (blue belt) who will be interested in that kind of stuff? Just asking.

  • In the opening scene of a match, the girls arm wrestle.
    How about a video shot behind one of the girls, for a nice view :)

  • Golden days were when the U/S was the era of Matt Williams. He was tyrannical and demanding. Therefore, almost all the matches passed in the atmosphere of "fight or be humiliated!" With the arrival of the Ariel, much has changed. No, I'm not saying for the worse. The emphasis of the matches are simply shifted to vanilla.

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    Gasp, Oh where or where is R1YAM? That guardian of all that is good and noble, the Ultimate Defender of Ultimate Surrender. Ye all above should feel fortunate not to be smote by his righteous sword. He would not stand for this insolence. He also wouldn't understand half of what I have typed.

    Yeah, Round 4 needs more hardcore and less artsy lesbo.

  • Rounds 4 should be be more humiliating for the loser again. Winner has to own and fuck the loser like a bitch!
    Syd nails Nina RT8
    Kara fucks Cheyenne s765

  • i think that the site is in serious decline. I am wondering what I am paying for. The forums are not paid attention to at all by Kink! I haven't seen my favorite actress Izamar Gutierrez perform since August. What is happening??? Should I cancel my subscription???

  • good & timely comment spiveya... communication is always best policy for this type of membership! whats happening, whats on deck, where do we want to go...? when these questions are answered before they are asked - members feel involved, notified and prepared...! so maybe AX - an overview of this stuff is in order from time to time!!! thanks - because we like and care about the health of the sight...!

  • guys...are you sure US is going to update?

  • not sure - hoping / suggesting!

  • Whatever happened to the history, bios, tournament information links?

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