Interested in a membership, but I need photo galleries or else I am not

I see that Kink inexplicably have removed the downloadable zips. I prefer pictures over videos, access to those (or true 1080p or 4K video and a program that splits them into images frame by frame, which I have) would be essential to my decision. Is it possible to purchase the old shoots? If not, what is admins attitude towards inquiring among users whether they would be willing to share or sell saved/hoarded photo sets?


  • Or are the photo shoots still available, just in galleries and not downloadable zips? I'd be fine with that.

  • The Kink IT brought back the picture sets and downloadable zip files for many scenes. The Download link is a bit hidden below the picture gallery:
    bandicam 2017-12-14 02-11-43-079

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