Why you are a Kink member?

Dear everyone,

Why you are a Kink member?
What are the reasons?

For me, I found into the www Kink in the year of 2009.
Kink was and is for my the best. It is fascinating.

At first I had a lot of forum friends and a lot of fun with "wookie, silverstar, frantic, thecobra and andrea". It was also a very great time with the contact and discuss with some Kink directors as like Lochai, Matt Williams, Maitresse Madeline, JohnPaul Pike. The Live Shows was everytime very excellent and fantastic. It was great to talked with the models and sometimes with the directors.
The Kink armory was the best location for all Kink sites.

For me Whipped Ass, The Upper Floor and for all The Training of O was the most fascinating. It was fantastic and excellent to see every week an update of a trainee. To see a four days training of a trainee with all variants and diversity of domination (male trainers, female trainers, female guest subs) was amazing. Gorgeous was to see the developement of a trainee with her limits. Amazing and gorgeous was this unique The Training of O concept. I miss this very much at the last time. The great old roots of The Training of O.

All the best.
Best regards
Have a very nice time
SirMastermind Peter


  • Yes, Kink live shows always brought a response to your chatter and suggestions.
    The good old days :)

  • Most of the older members are gone...that's too bad...

  • That's a really good question. I cancelled my subscription last month- after being a longtime member with some discontinuity since 2006 -because the content doesn't suit me any longer. They formerly had a really great, new and exciting content, stories/action and girls. Hogtied, Fucking Machines, Electrosluts... Remember the "Cabo" series was in 2006? or the great in the woods or farm Outdoor shots? Nothing/not much else came later. From time to time awesome shots and actresses, but still going more and more mainstream or cheap uninspired action, the storyline, wich actors and type of actress get in the action. For example such ongoing trend not longer to trim and shave the pubic hair is really annoying and missing remarkable women. Longtime members become more discerning, but currently all pornsites only go there. No niches and lack of quality. three-fourths of the included categories I wouldn't subscribe, but are in the package, jamming the frequency of updates of the sites I'm interested. But that's the new paymant scheme. Maybe they'll concentrate on their old qualities and excellence- not with such bought bad old shit from other companies- and they'll get back their loyal satisfied members. I'll come back sometime maybe. just my two cent.

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