Purchasing Disabled?

I lost some things on my hard drive recently, so I went back to re-download a few shoots today and I see "purchasing disabled". I already "purchased" theses - so what's the deal? Thanks.


PS - I'd like to download these before my membership expires on December 21st.


  • I am getting purchasing disabled too when i try to stream some of the videos

  • You guys should contact KINK Customer service directly with this problem here: http://www.kink.com/support/contact I'm sure they can help you out or explain. Please note, that their office hours are from Monday to Friday only.

  • I have the same problem.
    My membership expires on December 30st.

    SirMastermind Peter

  • Yes, no video will stream or download. I'm certain that Kink has been made aware of the problem.

  • Thanks Kink, all videos are back up. I can download favorites again!

  • Dear Technical Support,

    By me I have actual problems with download.
    There are no button with SCENES / DOWNLOAD / TRAILER.
    It comes only "Purchasing Disabled" but I know that I have not seen these shoots.

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

  • Hi everyone,

    we did experience a couple of instances of technical issues with our Purchasing capability and content availability this weekend and on Monday. It has been fully resolved with a permanent fix.

    In the future, emailing support@kink.com often gets our attention quicker, but we try to check the forums as often as possible.

    Thanks so much!

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