Try some new toys?

I’d like to see some more imaginative toys used on Everything Butt. A few years ago, Everything Butt scenes featuring the Slink offered something I’d not seen before, and in porn, it’s rare to see something new.

It would be great to see some other interesting toys in action - for instance hollow butt plugs (sometimes known as pig hole plugs) are normally no larger than a fist, which most girls on EB take, offer a similar internal view to a speculum, but (if the right one is used), would allow a girl to be fucked with a strap on through one too, in additional to opportunities to spit in the hole etc. They can be a little fiddly to get in, which in fact would probably enhance the scene - you can get these now marketed under the name, so an ideal opportunity for a bit of product placement...

A scene at the start of this year featured a box of toys being opened, in this I spotted a Square Peg Pod plug - these spread open inside - they are very good, I’ve got a similar one myself - but it wasn’t used in the scene, and sadly hasn’t been seen since. I’d love to see it being used in a forthcoming scene.

Another item in the box was a Square Peg depth probe - 38 inches long, in the right hands (or ass) this would deliver an amazing scene. Unfortunately it was used in just two scenes I’ve found, and on both occasions, the girl involved doesn’t seem to have done depth play before, which is something that takes practice, so the scenes were really disappointing as they could only take a small amount - a missed opportunity. I’m sure if you used this toy in a scene with a girl who has experience in this field, you’d end up with a memorable scene. I’d suggest Ella Nova, who has taken the Slink many times and also the 16 inch Square Peg worm in scenes, so she clearly has a talent in this area. Alexa Nova looks pretty competent with depth play too.


  • Just to confirm my statement about Ella Nova’s capabilities, she does great work with a slink in this week’s release “anal bar cruising”, one of this years standout scenes - although sadly, as a whole there’s not been much good stuff produced this year.

  • 2016 wasn't a great year for Kink shoots either.

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