What about a Series of Videos on: Master In Traniing, Mistress In Training, Submissive in Training

Hi Dean Danarama,

I would just like to say Thank You very much for the Kink University!
I am learning so much from you realted videos and I am disgesting them with great enthusiasm and are of world classs quality in production and advice.
It is somnething I have been looking for for some time, and to be honest Kink University was one of the main reasons I subscribed to Kink.com.
Welldone to all at Kink.com for being so visionary and trail blazing!

I have a few suggestions for a possible Video Series:

What about a Series of videos on:
- Master In Traniing (MrIT),
- Mistress In Training Series (MsIT)
- Submissive In Training (SiT)

Getting advice on a series like this from Kink.com and established and expert Masters and Mistresses and Submissieves would be invaluable and I am absolutely sure would be very very popular.

You could have the relevant Disclaiers and or warning about BDSM activities, etc before video s seriesm, etc.

I have numerous ideas on the subject and woud be willing to dicuss these further.

Admitedely alot of people say in BDSM defining the relationship between a submissive/slave and master/mistress goes beyond what you've probably read in books and/or found online.
The truth is that serving someone else is a personal decision and commitment, just as with any relationship whether it be submissive/slave and master/mistress. The way that it works for Master/Mistrsss/Submissive/Slave is, the way that it works for peerson involved. but that does not say that guides and/or instructional sereis could not be of real benefit to elvolving Masters/Doms/Mistresses/Dommes/Submissives/Slaves.

For some, the submissive/slave might need to have formal commands and basic positions to follow.
And for others, this might not be as important as physical domination.
This doesn't make one definition or another more 'right' than the next, but it does cause those interested in a submisses.slave-master/mistress relationship to stop and consider the options they do have when getting started.
They should also consider that not everything is as simple as it may seem.
Learning as much as you can about BDSM, D/s, and servitude is the best way to find that perfect fit for your relationship and serties of related visoes could just do that.

Kind Regards,


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