Forced Exhibitionism, Realistic Embarrassment and Humiliation, Strip searches, Blackmail, etc

Hi all - some of my favorite videos on kink involve the plot driven story lines that take a girl down a path which she would never imagine finding herself on. Here are some examples which would fit well into the Kink community. Comment below with your critiques, thoughts and ideas. Perhaps a video or two will result from this brainstorm.

Medical themed, forced exhibitionism:

Some of my favorite clips of yours involve slight reluctance or uncomfortable-ness during the exam of a female patient.
1) Examination that includes unwanted exposure to a friend/family member. For example, a dad joins his daughter for what is supposed to be a routine examination. Behind a curtain, which remains partially open, the doctor uses his stethoscope to expose her breast. The dad sees this (perhaps the camera is his POV) and can't turn his eyes away. The daughter notices but can't do anything as the doctor has put a thermometer in her mouth. The exam ends up including a full breast exam and gyno. OR, the same scenario with a mom/son.
2) A girl is waiting for her appointment with others in the room, making friendly conversation. She's invited into one of the adjacent offices. A somewhat unprofessional doctor lets his nurse open and close the door during a full exam. As she comes in and out, the patient is exposed to the others in the waiting room.

Abuse of authority:

These scenarios always provide that welcomed sense of realism. When women are put into positions where they're uncertain whether the authoritative figure is going beyond his role of duty, anything can happen.
1) Two best friends are heading through airport security. TSA notes the girl and decides to take advantage of the situation. She's slowly frisked, strip searched, and abused in front of her friend and everyone else in the security line. Rifts on this theme are plentiful (e.g. a family going through TSA, a teacher and her students on a field trip, patrolmen pulling over a car in a populated area, etc).
2) A daughter is caught having public sex with her boyfriend on a security camera. She's brought to court, along with her family for support. The daughter's lawyer insists it is't her in the video footage. The prosecutor has the daughter slowly expose herself more and more, to prove the likeness of herself to the girl in the video.


Though there are plenty of blackmail themed videos here already, few of them if any combine this with embarrassment and true reluctance.
1) A teacher is caught smoking pot by one of her students. He videos the footage and anonymously sends it to the teacher via email. The teacher gives in to his demands. Because the student doesn't want to be caught, he never reveals himself. Instead he has the teacher dress more and more provocatively in her classes, forcing her to sit on her desk with her legs slightly spread in a revealing skirt, forcing her to go braless with a deep cut blouse, etc. Eventually the teacher is blackmailed to seduce many of her students, including the blackmailer.
2) A husband and wife go on vacation. The husband likes showing his wife off, and so as she dozes asleep on a beach he loosens her top. A few guys end up taking pictures. Later on, one of them sends the pictures to the husband and blackmails him to show off more of his wife, else he will send the pictures to the wife's boss and family. The husband tells his wife what happened. She ends up having to expose herself in public, at first nothing but some upskirts in a mall or some loose fitting blouses worn during work. The demands get more and more demanding - eventually leading to sex with the blackmailer in front of her husband.

The above, combined with a bit of the supernatural.

Mind control and hypnosis has become a somewhat popular fetish recently. Most other sites always focus on the person in power directly taking advantage of a girl. Perhaps more interesting would be the mind control of an authoritative male, who takes advantage of the girl; the girl then being of her free will and fully aware of her humiliation.

1) The male talent (say Mike), working in some authoritative job, is mind controlled by another male (say Tim) so that Mike takes advantage of a woman that Tim knows. For example: Tim has a doctor's exam which his mom takes him to. During the exam, Tim mind controls the doctor to also examine his mom while they are there. The mom is slowly forced to expose more and more of herself, as the doctor proceeds with the exam. Mike uses his position as a doctor (under the influence of Tim) to convince the reluctant mom to go along with it.

2)Tim is a student of Mrs. Henderson's class. Tim mind controls Mrs. Henderson's husband, who by force/coercion (blackmail, threatening to share nude pictures of her with the principle, etc) slowly gets his reluctant wife, who can't comprehend the change in her husband, to expose herself in front of her students by wearing progressively sluttier and sluttier clothing.

3) Tim has a police officer under his control. Whenever Tim is in the car with another girl, be it his mom, his sister, a colleague, a friend, what have you, he has the police officer pull them over. The girl talent is frisked and strip searched in front of Tim (and anyone else that happens to be on the road). The police officer can frame her and blackmail her to take things further, if need be. Similar situations happen when going through airport security.

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