Why restrict users to only HD videos whose streaming speed is extremely slow?

I had been a member of Kink Men and I just rejoined some days ago. I remember that users used to be able to choose the quality of the streaming videos, and it seems to me that we are not able to do so anymore. It troubles me because the streaming of all the HD videos is too slow and drives me out of patience. I know I can choose the video quality for download, but personally I don't often download porn videos (except those which really impress me). And downloading usually takes longer. I'd rather watch videos with lower quality but with faster streaming speed.


  • While I agree that the download speeds have been poor lately, if you want to stream the lower quality videos just play them in your browser.

    Instead of right clicking to save them just left click and your browser will play the video.

  • weyoun,

    What I complained about is not the speed of downloading but that of streaming. My browser automatically selects HD, but it takes a great deal of time streaming. That's why the complaint. I hope we could all choose the quality of the streaming videos by ourselves.

  • You are misunderstanding me.

    From the shoot page for what you want to watch go to Download. Now select what quality you want and LEFT click on it.

    Instead of downloading the shoot to keep it will stream the video in your browser. It’s that simple.

    Kink’s recent problems with download speeds are exactly what you’re seeing here. All their video player does is play back the video while it downloads it. That’s what ‘streaming’ is.

  • Hi alvis428 and weyoun,

    Left clicking the download format for some people automatically downloads the shoot. Instead, you can right click and then select Open In New Tab. This will play that format directly instead.

    Our streaming player is otherwise currently set to stream the best content it can based on the connection it has with your Internet Service Provider. We may consider changing our streaming player in the future.

    I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.

    Kink Tech Support

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