New studio, new plans, new ideas.

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  • This is amazing, thank you for sharing this!

  • Yes, thanks!

  • Yes, Ariel did a great job! Looking forward to opening her own site.

  • Screenshot_2018-03-08
    In my opinion an ambitious project that Ariel is gradually brought to life!

  • Mixed wrestling??? Sorry not for me! In my opinion this is faked prescribed porn where submissive guys are dominated by girls nothing else. Ridiculous!
    It's really time now to cancel my complete kink com membership. It's very sad to see the decline of ultimate surrender and

  • Good for you I guess. None of that is being posted on kink. Those are Ariel's sites.

  • I know that the "evolved fights" site is directed by Ariel. But this is absolutely no replacement for Ultimate Surrender the best girl girl real wrestling site. I will surely not become a member of evolved fights. Faked and prescribed mixed wrestling with ugly submissive guys is a complete turn off. I am really disappointed that Ariel directs and produces such bullshit. Sorry just my opinion!

  • Interesting

  • That explains a few things I've noticed. Thanks!

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    I think it would be very wise to wait for the final release of the project, and after to draw any certain conclusions.

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    Sounds interesting.

  • Hate to say this guys...but we think US is going away or already gone...too bad too!

  • I have a bad feeling about what is coming to other sites now that I've seen this. I think kink may be changing big time.

  • On another note I'm happy for Ariel X branching out and getting to do what she wants now as her own boss. Just sad to see her go from Kink.

  • they have been for some time now!

  • I*m also sorry Ariel X is leaving kink, used to enjoy watching her. Was not a big fan of U.S. but liked to watch now and then. I wish Ariel every success with her now branching out, but mixed wrestling no thanks not for me.

  • agree 100%!!!!

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