Rogue Parole Officer

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That's a great video and I think the storyline is worth to be continued.

As my suggestion the story could go on in old fashioned KINK style:

Alexis got her face cumcoverd and Xander gave her an not escapable hanging hogtie from the ceiling. After recovering a short time he decided to give her the next orgasm with a MagicWand pressed on her exposed pussy. Preventing to come too fast he pinched a pair of clamps on her nipples.
In the meantime the real bad guy took his chance to remove electronic tag, because Alexis didn't close the box carefully after the reset.
Some time he is watching Alexis struggling in her ropes and fighting against the oncoming climax.
Xander get his toolbox making some manipulations and improvement to the tag-box.
After a really mindblowing orgasm, Alexis lost her consciousness and Xander untied her.
Waking up in a room in the basement she felt uncomfortable wearing a straitjacked. Not only of the jacket and a ballgag, but also of a dildo fixed deep in her pussy by crotch-straps and stretching her twat. She didn' worry about some wires coming out the left side, connected to a box at her belt, but with her first cautious moves the green light on the box turned yellow and she feels prickeling arousal around her nipples and pussy. Trying to escape the electric torment, she ripped left and right, but the more she moved the more raised the prickling. She shouted in the ballgag and the voice activated the dildo vibrating her pussy. She tried not to move and to be silent and after a while the vibrations stopped. So far. But once activated the box started its repeating program the same intesity as the last finished, but each time longer. Every struggle and hard move increasing the intensity of current and her screams causing stronger vibrations. After she had several orgasms the box had finished its program and she felt exhausted asleep.
The following day she found herself in Xanders bed, wearing a leather bra leaving her nipples uncovered, a tight leather hotpants and Highheels - all tight locked. He was dressed up and asked her to make breakfast. She looked so sexy he couldn't resist and must fuck her. He only had to pull the zipper from her back down to access her ass. Ramming her quick, but hard from behind, he came deep inside her ass. Her turned her and she had to go down on her knees taking his cock deepthroat and licking clean. Drooling a lot of spit down het tits and body also the cum is dripping of her gaping ass.
Not forgetting to shove a big plug in her ass, he carefully closed and locked the zipper. She was watching him by looking in a mirror, but can't see, that he was fastening the box of the electronic tag on her belt. Not to give her too much freedom she also had her hands locked to the side of the belt.
After a long look on her sexy body he kissed her quick and closed her mouth with the ballgag. He leaved the house, and drove away.
After a despairing attempt to escape her restraints she decided to get away.
She opened the door and looked around hoping not to get seen in her embarrassing sluttishly outfit. As quick as allowed wearing the highheels, she went down the stairs. Lubed with cum and juices and the plug in streching her ass she become honry and ruttish.
Arriving the point Xander had to catch his newspaper she sank down her knees.
The little box on her back switched from green to red light. The mean guy prepared the hole outfit with electrodes connected to the box- giving her electric torment immediately with medium power when leaving the house.
But unlike her experience in the cell where it tickles around her pussy, now she had needles and pins direct on her swollen sensitive clit and deep in her juicy cunt.
Nearly unable to move she more crawled as walked back in the house fighting against the increasing power of the box having the next endless climax until the box stopped.
To be continued...

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