Request for muscle women in sex and submission

Hello directors

Can we get Brandi May and Kelli provocateur to be on sex and submission I've contacted them they say they have no problem I've contacted they told me to come here and post a request so can we get muscular women getting fucked hard on the website for sex and submission now this will not hurt their muscular or domination status with these girls because they wrestle on Ultimate surrender and lose to 105-pound women so I think that's more humiliating than being dominated by masculine man for their pleasure. we can set up a scene left muscular man Draven Navarro he is the bodybuilder coach showing Kelli or brandi how to pose and they're doing it wrong and punishes them and some hard to make them train right for ttheir upcoming bodybuilding show

Each of them will be wearing a bodybuilding posing bikini and all the skin up even Draven doesn't matter if you want to get Brandi for the scene or Kelli for the scene we just need to see fans of bodybuilding have a bodybuilding sex show

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