Irritatingly enough...

Aaaand of course there’s more. I gotta mention that I think we should see her in a gauntlet of sorts if she’s willing. At least in a form that poor Ms Barber seemed to be in during the beginning/middle of the year. Lol But concerning the actual dislikes about this one-I mean when I once again “have” to be so blunt. I dislike the creative editing that I had something to chirp about a good while back. But that’s a hearsay turn a phrase of Hollywood. I’ve seen this across Kink a particular excessive number of times within one vid. And I’m not about the trim editing or time restraint editing if you will. ANYWAY-we seem to have missed out on one of favorite form of flogging. At both points of round 4 in which I have to say was a blockbuster on particular levels. Exaggerative but.

So yeah-someone snatch that angle from us at two points. The seemingly a-hole thrashing (spanking) is what I’m referring to. Yet I’m not omitting the possibility that there may have been some sudden unfortunate discomfort London might’ve experienced and you understandably had to cut that a bit. I don’t like see these express any limit of threshold either. I always hope for safety and/or not to cringe at certain movements and floggings in all of Kink features. But speaking otherwise, I mean I actually can appreciate on some lower level being teased by something “we were about to witness” a girl do to her counterpoint or a guy to his female counterpart. But in my strrronnnnng opinion, you guys seemed to have had too high confidence in impressing and/or uniquely satisfying all form of porn/Kink fans. I didn’t say maximally satisfying…I’m not saying that was/is Kink’s focus. But there were and have been a few too many vids within a year at least in which a bit too much if not all titillation was snatched out of em. More specifically concerning already redundant, dry-too competitive US matches let alone round 4s especially. Like a little too long a string is all. But there are certain fans though. But these said fans have been quiet this past season and so forth. Hmmm. But at the end of all of this, this brings me to my next dislike that may oddly surrounds what Ms X stated about what the members like and don’t like-want to see. Something not long after that irritated me jusssst a little bit. In short, the reason for this irritancy is not because Ms X is the one who said this but because it immediately caused me to reflect back [opinion] of so much of Kink’s content I’ve viewed over the years. Was just a few too many vids that I thought and think was ummm…I mean even certain sites ‘I wonder why’ about. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m done for tonight. hehehe


  • Complete nonsens in my opinion, not worth it to read.

  • For once I'll agree with Phil.
    I perceived this thread as a joke.
    What the thread author wrote was the irritation.

  • Awww guys come now. Besides anything there were still some typos in my weary (tired) moment of posting this. Don't get me wrong, I mean every word I said. Every 'run-on' fragmented sentence I crammed in this one. lol Yet except for the way some were worded. Like I meant to say: "And I’m not [talking] about the trim editing or time restraint editing if you will". Or when I stated: "Something not long after that irritated..." I was referring to something else Ms. X stated that I'm not feeling negative towards her for saying it and/or because she said it but like I stated-it just triggered my irritation towards the fact that yet another portion of Kink's feature was sorta inexplicably edited out. I think I mentioned other memories/opinions I've had about Kink that were "triggered"and I still have them but I'll just keep it short about this particular feature or US match. It may be other typos I don't......let's just move on....shit. I just really felt I had to clear that only line. Hundreds more might think I should just......It's you guys opinions and memories vs mine. Your level of site(s) patriotism vs-well you know. I know I'm a ummmm-Kink patriot but there are a lot of unfavorables about the site I don't care to hold back mentioning at times. But I know to try to mention them respectfully-though my words are plenty like with this crap here. hehehe

  • Correct, this is certainly irritating.

  • ????????????????????????????!!

  • Hey xxco2006, maybe if you pull your head out of your stupid ass, you can see the keyboard so your might be able to type a simple, correct sentence.

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