Scene Pitch: Feminization Twinning

I'd love to see more feminization shoots but there was a more specific variation on it I haven't really seen done. What if a hot femdom was determined to turn a guy into her body double? He thought she was so hot he was willing to be feminized into her clone to be with her?

What if a shoot showed the progression of this by replacing the male model with a female model towards the end? WhippedAss did a hot clone shoot with Mona Wales and Ela Darling, so you'd have to find a couple like them who look like each other. They'd be great but my ideal casting would be Dani Daniels and Remy LaCroix (and me as the guy lol). It could break down like this:

Scene #1
Dani Daniels (or whichever pair of models, let's say Dani & Remy for argument's sake) is domming a bound male sub. She is teasing him (maybe with light corporal) about her plans to turn him into her slutty twin. She forces him to confess that all he wants is to be like her. Then they simulate the injection of a needle into his body and she coyly says she'll explain later.

Scene #2
She dolls him up with matching make-up, lingerie and women's clothes. She kisses him and makes him worship tits, pussy and ass. She fucks him silly with a strapon. She then explains the needle was full of chemicals that will trigger an extreme feminization. It has samples of her DNA that will take over his body and turn his dick into a vagina. It will be activated when he cums so she asks him what he wants his last orgasm to be. Does he want a blowjob? Does he want to fuck mistress' pussy? He could even fuck mistress in the ass since it's his last time? But he's terrified of this and does not want to cum, so he refuses her advances. She strapon fucks him in the ass hard while jerking him off and she laughs triumphantly as he finally cums.

Scene #3
Time has passed and the male sub is now played by Remy LaCroix. Dani Daniels comes in to doll her up in matching outfits again. Dani kisses Remy then continues strapon training her.

Scene #4
A Bull is brought in to fuck Remy. He wears a mask covering his head, so he could in theory be played by the male model from earlier in the scene. The Bull fucks Remy hard, then Dani and they have a wild threesome now that Dani has completed the feminization of her clone.


  • What also occured to me was a shoot Milcah Halili did for Electrosluts. I'd no idea Milcah identified as transgender but if they were willing to do another genderplay scene, what if they started the scene as a biologically male character in male clothes who gets kidnapped by a sadistic domme. When they wake up some time later they're now dressed full femme with a vagina and dominated.

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