Anyone use zappers/stingers?

I've been heavily into electro-play and torture since about 1998. I'm mostly dominant but sometimes submissive when the mood takes me. (Although being submissive is more about being humiliated and degraded rather than pain, but when dominant, I'm pretty much pure sadistic bitch).

I've filmed some serious scenes and done plenty in my private life with electricity...

But! I've never used a zapper/stinger.

When I receive, I prefer a continuous stream from a signal generator, preferably to my nipples, clit, vagina, bum, and occasionally urethra (although I'm not into urethra play). I like to play the captured soldier/spy, and I assure you, that makes me talk!

I've used cattle-prods plenty of times, and I just don't like them. I don't like the marks they leave on the skin, even if my partner is oiled (I have no problem with marks I make with my hands or a paddle, I just don't like giving or receiving the prod marks)

The last time I used a cattleprod was about 6 years ago at a party at my house. Two women forcibly held my mouth open and they and my partner took turns pissing in my mouth and cattle-prodding the inside of my mouth for a couple of hours while they fucked me senseless. Wonderfully degrading, but it put me of cattle prods for good. Also, cattle prods ruined perfectly good platinum nipple rings which were a gift from my partner :( .

We've been looking for new toys, but I'm guessing the zappers/stingers are just smaller versions of a cattleprod? I've seen them leave the same marks on Kink shoots, and they just didn't exist back when I was filming (1998-2001), so I don't want to waste my money on toys I won't use.

Any info is very much appreciated.


  • I haven't used a "ta-zapper" (the real name of the long red tipped thing).
    But a Kink model said a while ago that they didn't hurt unless you pressed the two prong end into the skin solidly.
    So I would guess that just getting close enough to the skin for a spark would be pretty mild.
    They should be less than $30.

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