WTF items for sale in Kink Store?

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I understand the sex toys, bondage gear, etc. But these items are seriously crazy. Who's gonna be golfing on Saturday morning wearing their Sex and Submission camper hat? Or what mom is watching her kid play soccer sporting a Hardcore Gangbang t-shirt? LMFAO! It'd be interesting to know how many of these items are actually sold.


  • Where i live the "gentlemens clubs" sell hats and golf balls with their logo's and we see them on the golf course lots of times...there's one that will even let you hire the dancers to caddy for you!!!!

  • Notice how each says "Made to order" ?

  • I'll get one for Sonia to wear the the office! From Whipped Ass... :)

  • I'd gladly wear a hat to the links if any of the SAS ladies would caddy for me! I'm so horrible at golf that me and Mulligan are on a first name basis. ;)

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    If you actually go to the links, you'll notice that not every guy is a golf pro!!!

    Back to the topic, Kink's wear would be great in an area with sex clubs. Worn outside of work hours.
    But I prefer the red "K" Kink logo.

  • gosh one of the gentlemens clubs here...they run a shuttle bus between their club and the golf course for the people here on vacation! I bet they get hats and shirts too!

  • The 'K' logo is a better choice indeed. Must be some connection between golf and sex? :)

  • Doesn't everything have a connection to sex?

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