There's a rich guy who has a such a sexy 21 year old daughter the total rich girly girl slut, there's two ts who are scoping out the scene, they know her routines, they kidnap her and hold her ransom, and tell the father bring the money to this place in 24 hours and you'll get her back, then for that 24 hours they fuck her like crazy they tie her to a bed on her stomach, blind fold her plow her in the ass and make her scream, they video tape it and email that to the father when they give her back to her father just to be ruthless! I personally think two hung black ts drilling a white girl would be perfect! Ts actresses: Honey Foxxx, Sexy Jade, female actress: Lexi Belle, Ashley Jane, Kristina Rose


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    sounds great.. I couldn't respond quick enough. one of the best scenario's I have heard of in a long time.

    well lets hope that it might get listened to but it seems everyone is too hung up on ultimate surrender around here being incorporated into TSPH that it probably won't.

    have AJ Applegate as the girl.. she might be a little old to play a 21 year old but I think she could pull it off she does domineering and submissive both quite well. main thing is we need new talent around here.

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