Girls fight to the death (horror parody)

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Ok, not really to the death but people believed they were so I promoted the film as such and have sold three of these $3,000 DVDs in one year. I was wondering how and where to best promote this DVD and how to choose my audience? It's not intended to be fetish (just a horror film) but the fetish community seems to love it. It was meant to promote the feature film script so we could get it made into a movie but it's become its own animal.

The link to the DVD:

The link to the DVD with Jessi June (Penthouse Pet September 2015) nude:

FREE Magazine about the short film:

FREE Magazine about the upcoming reWrite:

And the website:


  • i don't think this is the sort of stuff most Kink fans are into. i hope not, anyway.

    a crossover between the Hunger Games and BDSM?

    not for me, anyway.

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