Ms Holly Hendrix at US--Woo!

edited September 2 in Ultimate Surrender

I just noticed one of the titles on here reads something on Ms Anna Tyler. I really want to see her back on here if she ever personally regains the urge to do so.

But thanks Ms X for possibly looking into that. Curvy Ms Marleigh. Damn I wanted to type Molly...shit. Turning my broken perv switch off for a second, I want to say I'm not intentionally trying to suggest scenario-ing the matches over there either. I just speak on things happening in a possible spur of moment type of fashion in a particular number of matches. So! To start off on here, when I see curvy edible Bella (in her last match at least) I think of Barbary edible self. A few days ago I got the chance to see her and Mia's match. I'm gonna suggest that not only because of Mia's antics on poor Barbary in round 3 but.....because it's about a personality-a breathe of fresh air Barbary, so far, has shown us to be. I mean I think her next opponent should just threaten to fist her in the pre match trash talk section of the match. Like in the last bit of talk, her opponent should just give Barbs a hard sarcastic grim look and tell her. EVEN IF the threat(s) don't get the chance to show themselves. It'll still just be hot as ever to hear em and see a possible almost consenting or seduced reaction.

Don't even get me started on someone like the tricky one...Nikki is who.....let's move on. If her sooner match is against Bella again then--my poor ba-ba. lol An opponent like Bella at least should just look back at hard and long with a menacing smirk of course and just threaten to face sit. However way any obviously dominating opponent would put it. I think mostly they should make those kind of threats.

Someone like Holly Hendrix has shown to be so far not only on Kink but elsewhere, should definitely receive such "condescension". lol She should be nerd-ed Mia Li Flogged and maybe just almost completely bdsm'd during her match. While still showing a...obvious level competitive spirit at the same time of coarse. Heck it'll still be hot if she wins a match by "mistake". lol Yet someone like her and many alike may become so immediately seduced by any imposition of helplessness in the form of US. Snatching her bikini off. Trash talking from her opponent about what they're about to attempt to do. What they're gonna do in round 4. Having her hands arms-just body locked in offensive dominant situation against her. Having her hair stroke "unwantedly" could set her off. hehehe And of course I just see fingers everywhere. (...shit) Someone should just almost constantly and safely attempt to seduce a submissive like her-an opponent like she may be-into letting them swallow her whole. lol That may be too...never mind. But this is too long anyway I need to stop. My perv switch is broken guys. Don't judge. Thank youuuu. Until next week.

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