Request for muscular ladies dominated

Hello i see kink has 2 female bodybuilders kelli provocateur and brandi mae. Can we see jys fuck the shit out of them on sex and submission. I aleays see fbb being dominate to guys, i want to see guys finally dominate them and fuck them


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    Do they want to be fucked into oblivion on S&S?

  • Matt Williams explained this years ago. The type of model you're talking about doesn't like to sub because it hurts their marketability. They're in a niche market as it is.

  • But that was year ago. Matt dominated blavk muscle goddess ashley starr know named kelli provocateur in 2 scenes and her popularity still rising......has not hurt her dominatrix style. We are tired now of seeing fbb dominate thin small guy, lets change it up test the waters and see a sex and submission with kelli provocateur one tine and see what happens i doubt no one will not look at her differently

    I am someone that follows female muscle for past 15 years now

  • Why don't you petition kink directly with an email to:

  • Brandi Mae in his twitter wrote that was open to any suggestions. In fact for SaS.

  • I am in favor of this.
    A FBB named Lynn McCrossin was featured on Hogtied many years ago. Hottest shoot in Kink history, imho. It might be in the archives. This is before the Pope took over Punisher duties. She does dive her oppressor a HJ to climax as well

  • She used the nick name Pec Panther. Also look at how popular the domination of Ariel X has been.

  • Seems to us that it goes back to what Weyoun says...if there are models that will do it and enough people to pay to'll get done...otherwise...

  • Ok i contacted, and brandi mae directly.. theu stated i have to come to directors in the forums sooo..Directors can we make this happen, see brandi mae or kelli provacatuer on sex and submission or foot worship?? They lose in ultimate surrender to a woman less their size and not look dominate, so i dont want to hear they lose their appeal of domination, if they let a non muscular woman beat them in ultimate surrender then why they can not do scenes with men on sex and sumbmission, upper room or foot worship getting their soles worshipped

  • Ava addams

  • Shes no bodybuilder

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