New website idea

There's nothing hotter then two bffs who mess around with eachother (play fight, twerking, wedgies, etc) I looked around I can't find a site that even comes close to my idea! Call it or like with whipped ass the usual spanking, strapon fucking, and spanking with the ts dominates the guy, humiliation, anal, with my idea imagine this for a shoot 40 mins-1 hour have a girl knock at the door her friend welcomes her in and the friend says "sandy you look tense you should let me give you a massage" she starts to give a massage then grabs her ass her friend is like what are you doing then she says my bad, massages her back then spanks her friends ass she's like stop oh my god, then after massaging a little more she presses her boobs into her back and slams into her ass grips her by the hair and says your gonna let me have you and your gonna love it bitch. Humps her a little bit spins her around sucks her boobs like they were a dick deep make out and strapon fucking! Other idea for shoots could be there's a sleep over they cuddle at night and bff seduces friend into making out. It sounds just like it's a more aggressive approach! Who's down to see this!

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