Everything butt

Hello, glad to be here!

Hopefully everything butt will hear my suggestions. It's been done before, enemas with fake cum. Looks like Elmer's glue? OK. So that's nice. its very hot when the girls do it.... What I'd like to see is an entire bottle of lube poured into a girl's ass and have her shoot it either into another girl's gaping ass or all over her tits or face... And more prone positions, I like to see a girl laying on her stomach, and another girl either licking her ass, or fucking her with a strapon... If you add oil to scene, Oh wow... You got me hooked!
I love to see hot babes with nice tight bodies, all oiled up and fucking each other! Oil enemas would be absolutely amazing to see on everything butt!
Just some nasty perverted ideas that I have in mind, and I would like to share with you... Who knows? Maybe some others would like to see this too! Thanks for your time, and I'll continue to support everything butt because I love what you do! Thanks to all the hot girls who love To do anal! I love to watch you gape and do nasty things to each other! Toungue fucking each other's oily asses....
Gaping each other's beautiful butts...
Passionate toungue kissing and making out...
Beautiful lovely babes... No wonder I have a hard on and a subscription!


  • Milk enemas used to be common.

  • Well milk enemas are good, it's oil... Id love to see oil... More of it... Enema or not, I love to see shiny babes fucking! But it would be way hotter to see a girl take a oil enema and shoot it out of her ass onto/ into another girl's ass or tits!

  • More Izamar Gutierrez please!

  • Looks like you could fit TWO fists into Izamar's ass.

  • There is something even more obscene: I saw that in a Japanese manga and Germans tuned it.
    There is a specific model of fermale chastity belt with a backdoor locking system.

    So, Ariel just needs to fill in the tank of her anal trainee with oil, water,.. (depends on the rendering you want), she inserts the buttplug attached to the backdoor system as a cover and locks up the girl.

    Then, the girl waits for the Ariel's will to flush without being able to masturbate (frontdoor is locked too).
    You even can adapt a strapon on the chastity: when she moves her stomach, the girl is internally masturbated.

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