Tough round robin match idea

Hi y'all and special hello to Ariel X and the whole team. There is a tournament I would love y'all to try out if possible. It's a round robin match between the 3 top wrestler @ Ultimate Surrender that is Mistress Kara, Izamar Guiterrez and Cheyenne Jewel. I would love to see these 3 go at it and really see who is the best @ the US mats so something to think about

Thank you


  • Well... There is huge gap Kara / Izamar and cheyenne.
    I think Kara, Ariel X, Syd or Izamar, Cheyenne, Savannah will be more fun.
    Penny barber, Bella Rossi, Daisy Ducati round robin also fun to watch :3

  • Kara, Ariel and Syd - it will be steeper than any of the triad)))

  • Definitely Izamar Gutierrez!

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