Has Whipped Ass lost its edge?

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  • We're not sure we disagree with a lot of your points...don't give up on them though!

  • Correct, Kink has gone softer in recent years. And they've stated that in numerous press releases to the porn industry.

  • Dear Cassandra,
    Dear everyone,

    Really, the begining of Kink.com for all WA, TTOO, TUF, HT, DB, SAS and PD was devilish great and fantastic. The directors Maitresse Madeline, Mr. James Mogul, Mr. Matt Williams and Princess Donna worked really very hard for making every week an update.

    I think we long-term members (I am since 8 years at Kink.com) are very spoiled and fastidious from the begining of the Kink.com sites. Really the begining of the Kink.com sites was harder. For example: At the moment I also missed TTOO roots and the unique concept.

    Are we blunted and get no more highlight?

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

  • It's girls playing and experimenting with other girls these days.

    Let's see how far I can insert my hand into a place where it doesn't fit. The subs have orgasm after orgasm instead of being made to work for just one.

    It's Hogtied with weird clothes.

  • @cassiegungirl "Most of the scenes these days seem formulaic and repetitive. Not in the scenario storylines, but in the actions themselves".
    Agree. Diversity is clearly not enough. If earlier almost every session was unique and individual approach, now more visible a cycle. More fantasies, more new ideas and themes, and more reincarnations!

  • We agree with the comments for the most part...but we'll continue to be here and enjoy what we do get...

  • Is it difficult for Kink.com sites if we are spoiled, fastidious and blunted?
    I think it is also difficult for Kink.com sites because these sites have not more the San Francisco Armory for film production.

  • Narrow minded too :)

  • It's the easy thing to do by following that formula and do the same thing over and over. For the extra effort needed to do something new, there isn't much financial payoff for the site. Think of vanilla porn; it's the same things just done with different models each time. They get their money and then rinse and repeat.

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    Let's not make Whipped Ass anything like Divine Bitches, the world's number one femdom site for people who actually hate men. (That also seems to be an exception to Kink's shooting rules and model's rights policies)

    As a male viewer, I perhaps have a different perspective on WA's decline. The lack of variety in the dommes is completely true but it's been going on for a long time.

    I suppose the ultimate question is who is the site for? Honestly, it feels like a porn for women site now - like HGB and S&S make themselves out to be now. If that's what it is then that's cool but tell me so I can look elsewhere.

    The usual shoot is now sub does something wrong, domme grabs them and starts pulling their clothes off, then they rapidly go from that to fisting, holding a magic wand on them and then they're magically tied up in some extraordinarily inflexible position and fucked with a strapon. Oh and there's hair everywhere.

    What about shoots where there's an existing domme/sub relationship? Or one where the domme is just an evil bitch?

  • Fivestar has to shoot within the rules Kink gives her AND around the schedules and availability of the models...she's doing a good job as far as we're concerned...remember...with all the changes at Kink in the past 12-18 months...lots of things are in turmoil...
    Having said all of that...we do enjoy the older shoots...

  • Where has anyone asked anyone to break the shooting rules?

    Rules that aren't enforced, anyway. They're a shield to hide behind, they exist to protect Kink not the talent.

  • Now I am since over 9 years a member of Kink.
    I like Kink.com and the Kink Communities very much.

    Earlier I had a lot of personal contact with Kink directors as like: Lochai, Matt Williams, Tomcat and Live Shows contact with: Matt Williams, Maitresse Madeline and JP Pike.
    Earlier also the contact here at the forums with Lochai, Matt Williams, Tomcat, Maitresse Madeline, JP Pike and James Mogul was very great. Now at the moment I missed these all really very much.

    I think we all Kink members have specially wishes and these wishes are very difficult for the Kink sites. My special Kink sites are TTOO, TUF, WA, DB, PD, HGB and TSPH. So I think the changes of Kink in the past 12-18 months was good for Kink but not the best for Kink members.

    For example: It would be very great to see WA, TTOO, TUF and DB Live Shows and it would be also very great if TTOO goes back to TTOO roots with the unique concept - seeing the development of a trainee, the psychological taste, the training with limits, the surprice if a trainee can finish her training.

    All the best
    Best regards
    Have a very nice time
    SirMastermind Peter

  • Live shows on Hogtied and S&S, while you're still dreaming.
    But that's all these wishes are.

  • We agree with Ken...they're going a certain direction...and after all...things always change...

  • The crossover episode with Ariel x and Izamar was awesome!

  • Yes, Ariel X does good work :)

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  • Thanks for the detailed response Fivestar.
    I'll assume this discussion relates to other kink sites likewise.

  • Hi everyone and thanks for sharing your thoughts @cassiegungirl. I'd like to provide a bit of context to everyone about my work with Kink and Whipped Ass. Last September marked my 9 year anniversary of working at Kink.com. Of those 9 years, I have worked on Whipped Ass as either a Photographer/PA, Cinematographer (that was my longest role on the site), and Director. I agree with you, that I'm a rope fetishist, but I'd like to share that I'm also a big fan of impact play and DS dynamics. To get a little more intimate than I usually do in public forums, I was gifted the nickname Fivestar by a mistress of mine who would beat my ass till it was purple and I couldn't sit right for days. It shouldn't be surprising that I take personal joy in getting to work on a project called Whipped Ass for so long.

    I also agree with you that Whipped Ass has become less edgy over the last few years. It is a general direction that Kink has taken and one I have been encouraged to take. There are many reasons for this turn, but political bullying and the increased call for state regulation of the industry plays a bit part. Just google AHF and their direct attacks on Kink.com.

    Another factor that plays into a less edgy Whipped Ass is the kind of models Kink members like. With the wider acceptance of BDSM in the mainstream media over the last few years, we've noticed that Kink members (including @cassiegungirl) demand more mainstream (not fetish) adult performers. Some of these performers may very well love BDSM and marks, but they have to work multiple days in a week, so getting marked on our set has and will put them out of work. This becomes prohibitively costly for us, the models and the production company who booked a performer who becomes "not shootable" at the last minute, causing lost shoots and kill fees.

    As the demand for mainstream, famous, and untattooed performer has risen, we tend to book performers who are new to BDSM and have more limits. Whipped Ass is a general site, so usually this gives us a lot to work with, it just might not be your cup of tea every time. It is my priority to make sure everyone's limits are respected. I never want a performer to leave my set feeling like I pressured her to do anything that she isn't willing to do. This is essential to me, even at the expense of criticism from members.

    I agree with you that the actions on the site are somewhat formulaic. Most serial update sites have some kind of formula. Whipped Ass inherited the formula from the director who ran the site before Madeline, it has been mostly the same since. Usually there is a getting to know you scene; storyline, getting the sub undressed, spanking w/ and w/o (OTK), finger banging, if they are into bondage, a little bit of bondage, and whatever it takes to see her come. The second scene is usually all about the dommes pleasure. That would include inflicting pain on the sub (flogging/caning), a bit of bondage, pussylicking/face sitting, and worshiping the domme (this is usually to the domme's preference, duh... wouldn't you like to see what really turns them on?). If the sub is good, she might earn an orgasm with fingers, a dick on a stick, and often a hitachi (but only after we get some really great unblocked penetration shots) because it's always fun to see the women REALLY come. (Have you ever tried to have an orgasm, under hot lights, in bondage, and with a hand full of people in the room waiting on you while a camera was shoved in your face? It might be surprising to some, but performers are real human people... with strengths, weakness, and vulnerabilities like the rest of us.) The girls very often request the hitachi, but I'm pretty vigilant about waiting to give it to them till we have tons of explicit shots of hardcore penetration. The last scene is the strap-on scene. There is almost ALWAYS anal strap-on on Whipped Ass. It is a request I make in the booking because so many members would kill me if anal strap-on is not required. This often puts some amazing performers out of the running, but I try and squeak them in with a second sub who will do anal. Sometimes people show up on set and they just can't do it that day. Though performers are my superheros, they have human bodies like the rest of us.

    I could talk about this forever, but I will wind it down for now. But before I end, I want to make it clear to everyone out there that this is not just a paycheck for me. It's something that I take seriously, work very hard on, and don't take for granted. Every choice I make on Whipped Ass has reasoning behind it and the most important reasons to me are what the performers themselves find hot, what makes them really come, and what makes them feel taken care of on set.

    I appreciate your feedback I'm sorry I have not checked this forum more often. I will try to from now on. Also, many members communicate with me through Twitter, that is how I have been generally connecting with members lately. If you are on twitter you can find me @iamfivestar.


  • Just to reiterate something Fivestar has said here. Every single one of WA’s best shoots has been better for the fact that the sub or subs were enjoying themselves, as much as they might be pretending not to for the audience’s benefit.

    And all of the genuinely bad ones are ones where people who weren’t into it showed up and sat there like a stiff.

    As far as the anal thing goes, people’s subscriptions include a site tailored to their specific needs.

    If there’s one thing I would change it’s the scenarios. X does something bad so Y punishes her. The ones where Y is the ‘bad’ person and does what she wants with X because she can are far more interesting, particularly when X is some sort of authority figure.

  • Fivestar...just to let you know...Alexandra (dommealex) and I continue to be loyal WA fans...as does our friend Chatty (our favorite nurse!)

    You do great work!!! Keep it up!!!


  • I'll echo Sonia's comments too Miss Five star!

  • @weyoun thanks, I agree about how hot roll reversal is, and there will be more of that coming up.

    @Sonia24 and @hotblondenurse thanks for your comments and continued support!

  • @fivestar we love your work no matter what ma'am! we support you no matter what!
    Just wanna see Madeline back again on Whipped Ass! Thanks for all the amazing porn!

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