Different then a mat in a ring

It's always one on one or two on two on a mat, how about 2 vs 1 in a bed room?! Make it a sleep over style like two tall built girls (rain degrey and Isis love) dominate a small girl during a sleepover, (Juliette March, bring piper perri!) some dry humping, they pin her arms down and suck her tits, then make her blow a strapon while being pounded doggystyle! The ref and everything is the same who likes the idea?!


  • Sounds more like a Whipped Ass shoot.
    And Isis is long gone from the BDSM scene.

  • Regarding Isis...unfortunate but true.

  • Ah man Isis love was awesome! Does anyone know why she left?

  • Sorry to be a Grammar Nazi about this, but the thread title should read "than" and not "then". "Than" relates to a comparison of some sort (greater than/more than) whereas "then" relates to time (once you start using "than" correctly THEN I will stop complaining). You're (you are) welcome, and people will take you more seriously when you can speak properly.

  • @Scano240 She left behind Matt Williams.

  • Sounds great ! More Izamar and Ariel please!

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