Fifty Shades of Grey.

Any of you guys seen the second film in this series. The actor covering the Christian role looks different from the one who made the first film, but according to the cast list it is the same bloke. I know it has been stated the two stars did not get on, but you would not know it from the action. Think this one is better than the first one, maybe because the BDSM is not as strong. Got to say Dakota Johnson has a great figure, and you do get to see it so often. Seems a same that the final film is not being released till Valentines Day 2018. I wonder if they will be making a film of E.L. James new book GREY, the story from Christians view.
By for now.


  • Until the new "50 Shades 2" comes out in Feb, 2018, I'll watch Kink videos.

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