A change in round 4 for kelli provocatuer

Can the nextultimate surrender match kelli provocateur is in can she lose and i stead of strap om she gets fucked by a black male stud and winner watches them and cheers on guy to fucker her harder then facesits kelli and makes kelli wat her pussy then carries her in lockwr room makes guy bend her over and fucker her doggy style against mirror as scene ends


  • Ultimate surrender is a girl girl wrestling and girl girl only porn site. There will be no guys on this site. As a member of U. S. You should know this.

  • There has been a couple of scenes where guy step in and fucked the girl. Come on as a US resident you seen those same scenes too

  • Sorry but I am not interested in watching ugly guys on ultimate surrender and the majority of the members don' t want to see guys too. This is a girl girl site and will remain a girl girl site.

  • Totally agree with @Philostratus. From myself I can add that Kelli has positioned itself as a "Top", and are unlikely to want to be in the role of bottom.

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