New tournament!


Ladies and gentlemen! Place your bets and share your predictions))


  • Possible upset match is only Penny vs Mona... Mona improve very much!
    And Final match will be Izamar vs Cheyenne definitely... And Izamar will be champion.
    I want to see Juliette, Darling, Ariel, Kara, Syd in this tournament, but sadly they don't fight in THE BIG 10...
  • I want to see Juliette, Darling, Ariel, Kara, Syd in this tournament, but sadly they don't fight in THE BIG 10...
    The absence of each of these five is dictated by various circumstances. If you add to it Wenona, Savannah and a few other names - it is possible to obtain an even longer list.
  • Oh... Yeah Savannah and Daisy miss too... Both girls are best new wrestlers in active list!
  • Kelli Def Brandi,Bella Def Lea, Mia Def Barbary, Penny Def Mona/Izamar Def Kelli, Cheyenne Def Mia/Izamar Def Bella, Cheyenne Def Penny/Izamar Def Cheyenne
  • And I'll bet on the victory of the Cheyenne. In the absence of Kara, in fact the only serious opponent for it may become Izamar, which before the final, she will not meet. And despite the negative balance of personal meetings - Cheyenne has all the chances to win it.

  • Very nice match between two bodybuilders women. two very powerful and sexy women. So nice start. Cant see the Picture in the begning in this topic. So which other matches will be on this tournament?

  • Lea vs Bella :US - Jun 28, 2017 - Lea Lexis and Bella Rossi_1
    US - Jun 28, 2017 - Lea Lexis and Bella Rossi_2
    US - Jun 28, 2017 - Lea Lexis and Bella Rossi_3

    Good fight, good fuck! More doggy, more anal!!

  • I look forward to seeing Izamar fucking Cheyenne Jewel's perfect ass in the final rd 4, followed by a crossover shoot (round 5) in the locker room or in the sauna on everything butt, with Izamar finishing off Cheyenne completely.

  • I think cheyenne will win:
    1) the image of the tournament (cheyenne is in big and first)
    2) Cheyenne does not want to round 4 hard with Kara, so no final. This year there will be no final against Kara!
    3) Izamar accepts round 4 hard so the defeat in the final
    4) charna is a kink employee, he saw the match
    5) Cheyenne spoke about the final on Twitter

    I think the game was recorded before the tournament, cheyenne win, round 4 was hard, ariel decided that the match would be the final

  • @iomstef I will try to answer the points.

    1 - the image of the tournament (in the form of a poster) with Cheyenne in the foreground kindly borrowed me one of her fans.

    2 - the lack of Kara in the tournament due to several circumstances, the main of which (in my opinion) are the lack of motivation and worthy opponents.

    3 - on the third point the same can be said about Cheyenne, so in that sense I think all mutually.

    4 - unfortunately or fortunately I am not kink employee and therefore are not able to see the matches before their official release on

    5 - to talk about the final and winning it are two different things.

  • Thanks Charna. Good tournament. Think Izamar will win this. I like to see her lose sometimes too and get tied up, so not sure if I shall hope she win the whole tournament or not:) But she is skilled and very strong, so Think she got this. To bad dragonlily isent aroundm had been an intresting match up between those two.

  • edited July 27

    @Swedish After defeating Bella - Izzy is one step away from victory. As for DragonLily, she has no plans to return to U/S as a wrestler.

  • Bella vs Izamar :

    An excellent prelude to the finale!

  • Izamar all the way!

  • AUGUST-3
    Perhaps the most important event of the summer. It will be very hot!

  • Izamar won after a close match and Cheyenne is such a sexy loser!Cheyenne defeated 476
    Cheyenne defeated 33
    Cheyenne defeated 00

  • Fans Izamar starts fiesta))) @JPLAT was great Nostradamus! Guessed the outcome of all matches. It is recognized that Izamar has won deservedly. Cheyenne, despite the defeat - looked quite decent and was able to avoid anal sodomy. In general, the Big 10 proved to be a good alternative to Summer Vengeance. I hope that next season he will be even
    more interesting, more competitive and richer in names.

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