Posts appearing in Kink University section unintentionally

I made a post a while ago and I've no idea how, but it ended up in the Kink University section. Looking around the forums today, it looks like a bunch of other people have had the same issue - lots of unrelated things are ending up in there. It might be worth having a look and see if it's somehow a 'default' category or something!


  • If you start a new post, you have to change the "category" option to the category you want to post in via the drop down menu. The default setting is "Kink University".

    Maybe @kink_tech_support can change this or post a note next to the box, because there are indeed a lot of posts in "Kink University" that should show up in other categories. :)
  • Yes, sorry about that. We fixed the issue that was causing it, but forgot to move the actual threads.
    We just went back and moved all the threads that were in KU by accident, I'm about to go through and delete the duplicates now. Sorry!
  • Hey @kink_tech_support, this is happening again... there are a bunch of posts in "Kink University", that don't belong there. Maybe you can highlight the category box on the "new discussion" page in some way, so that users can see, that they have to change the category first in order to post in the part of the forum that they want to post in.

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