Nataly Minx and TJ Cummings scene

There is an old Scene i would like to have available again.

Scene Information:
Release date: April 11, 2009
Site: Fucked And Bound
Starring: Natalie Minx, TJ Cummings

Story: Long legs, perfect skin, immaculate makeup and dressed sensuously in stockings and heels, Natalie Minx is one hot slave. But TJ needs to know whether she is a good submissive. Natalie is put to the test with some harsh punishments including nipple clamps, pussy whipping and a brutal ass caning. He uses her mouth and pussy as he wishes and teaches her how to beg ... something such a beautiful girl has probably never had to do before. In the end, in a predicament Natalie hungrily sucks cock and earns a load of hot cum down her throat.


  • Do you know the shoot number by any chance...
  • It's another Twisted Factory shoot where they don't have the original footage so it's not likely to be made available.
  • I looked on her model page and there isn't a sadistic rope or F&B listed for her...
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    A shame, there was good material in the older shoots.
  • I don't know exactly, but I recollect that Kink transfered a time ago a lot of older stuff to a Kink Archives. I'm also missing older stuff e.g. like the very first shoot from footworship - I think it was a scene in the 50th with a guy in his convertible picking up two girls in the desert.
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    Older video files are often more difficult to work with, due to their file types.
  • the shot is from 2009. all shots wich are availanle are from 2010 and further on
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