Exlibris - What happened to the armory?

Exlibris, taking you up on your suggestion in the comments section at TUF can you provide any more information on what happened to Kink and the Armory? Does Kink have a headquarters (home) now? Does Kink still occupy the armory and just isn't shooting there anymore or is Kink as a company currently exist only in cyberspace operating out of someone's garage until a new home can be found? As you can see, even though I have been a member and loyal follower of Kink for almost 11 straight years I am obviously in the dark about this revelation about the armory. I truly appreciate TUF and many of the talented people behind the various sites (or channels as they are now called) at Kink but I especially appreciate the information you have provided at the TUF comment section as many of my friends who are also supporters of Kink were all shocked and rumors have been running rampant - which doesn't seem good for business.

None of us keep up with the news sites you mentioned but we DO follow Kink each week. Can you shed some light here on what is going on, please? I am sure we aren't the only ones confused.



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