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Is there a list of the matches who are going to appear the next weeks? Or are there people who knows which matches are certainly to come to Ultimate Surrender the next weeks?


  • Ariel has informed us that she has no control over the release dates or order of release of those shoots that she produces. That is managed by the post production team at Kink studios whom I believe still work out of San Francisco. If we want to know anything about the calendar for future releases, we will have to appeal to them.
  • Cheyenne Jewel vs Serene Siren

    Brandi Mae vs Lea Lexis

    Dee Williams vs Lily Lane

    Alexa Nova vs Angel Allwood

    Bella Rossi vs Brandi Mae


    Stay tuned for updates.

  • Charna // lol all fights will be one side match... These days ultimate surrender matches were so one side... Really not interesting lol

  • Despite the one-sidedness of many matches - I'm not so categorical in the conclusions and complain about the lack of interest in them.

  • It seems like you're (Ihs2155) basically saying some of the matches are starting to feel scenario-ed. I for one strongly don't feel that way. Well--at least 80 percent of a match don't feel that way to me. Concerning the 24 minutes. For the most part I think you're just witnessing a group of girls either being allowed to and/or choosing to act and feel more like the xxx stars they are. As crazy as this may sound-it specifically may be on a more surfaced subconscious level. It's a bdsm site-doms submissives. Enjoy it I'd say. I mean long streaks of any similar fashion of xxx can become redundant. No matter how titillating each feature can be. But the fact that US gave a few more than normal this season just really makes it sexy instead of-well...just looking at sexy girls almost excessively taking a non professional regulated match serious. I like how most matches are like that but to me, it just starts feeling like I'm displace-fully entertaining myself xxx wise. And that particular level of seriousness after the long stretches we've seen in previous seasons can become a turn off in my opinion. Almost all serious undertone matches are turn off to me though. hehehe It's like I can go over to any video broadcasting site and watch that except the girls won't be in anything quite porn rated. But still in contradiction, I like that most of the matches on US is that way. It just can be a couple too many I think within only 52 weeks.

  • I think it is worth considering the fact that most girls simply are not wrestlers, and therefore do not have serious experience of struggle. Therefore, the organizers matches should be more carefully chosen opponents for each other given the balance of forces and the personal characteristics of each. Then it is possible that the matches themselves will become more equal and unpredictable.

  • Screenshot_2017-10-19

    Lux Liv vs Mimosa


    Johnny Starlight vs Lily Lane

  • There is reason to believe that Johnny Starlight make an early debut. Her opponent should be Savannah Fox.

  • edited December 2017

    Delirious Hunter vs Bella Rossi

    Barbary Rose vs Simone Garza


    In the foreseeable future.

  • what happen to Izamar Gutierrez? She has not fought for 5 months!!!!!

  • Bella Rossi vs. Delirious Hunter
    Bella Rossi vs Delirious Hunter

  • 8
    Yeah! It is really worth a look. Just as it should be to look at the match Serene vs Kelli in the short term.

  • @spiveya I think she's waiting for the return of Kara.

  • Where is Izamar Gutierrez? She hasn't done anything since august!!!

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